Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Z Hotel New York in Long Island City

I was in New York (sans the Mo) for one of my dearest friends birthday...Christine was celebrating her Sweet Dirty 30!  She and I met at Quinnipiac on "Move-In" Day freshman year and remained friends since then.   We share many fond memories of peeing in public, using fake ID's in New Haven clubs, me calling her "not so nice" names and her telling me that my fashion sucks (as it still does!)

To try to stick with a budget in NYC, we wanted to keep within a price range for our accommodations.  We actually found the  Z Hotel NY after a long painful search for a decent room in Manhattan.  We couldn't find anything nice in our price range and stumbled upon the boutique hotel on a travel blog.  The room was booked through Expedia and we were able to use the mobile app to receive an additional $ 25.00 off.

There was an opening season, Cinco de Mayo rooftop party as we arrived.  Ladies wore gladiator sandals and dresses and had their full makeup and hair done.  I arrived in an old Bruins tee (Go Bruins!) and leggings with holes in my thigh area and felt like a sore thumb.  The exterior of the hotel was very chic and modern.  There was a cool old car facade mounted to the front of the entrance canopy.

Typically there would be ample street parking but Christine had a bit difficulty finding a spot, competing with the party goers at the hotel.  It didn't help with us unloading the car, that the free city shuttle was parked in front of the hotel.

Check in was a bit weird when they asked for an ID, typically it's just the CC. The hotel lobby had an old world/new world travel theme with vintage luggage and signs that mimic split-flat display boards with a decadent ornate crystal (?) chandelier hanging over the stairs.  The hotel reminded me a lot like the Henry Hotel in Cebu.

The theme drained down to the lounge/restaurant area on the lower level.  There were faux libraries, leather chairs and a piano in the middle of the floor.

We didn't eat at the restaurant but they were offering a $ 14.00 breakfast buffet special while we were there.  The lounge bar seemed like a happening place for people grabbing drinks.  The semi-open kitchen had a beautiful rustic "General-Store" like feel with the kitchen ingredients displayed on the open shelves.

Our Superior Queen Room was on the 7th floor and had a beautiful view of New York City.  We paid about $270.00 with tax.

The room featured a leather headboard, Ipod dock, flat screen TV, pretty much the standard of all the hotels.  The decor was contemporary with wall decals covering one side of the room.  Being in lighting, I appreciated the rustic chic mason jar pendants hanging over the bed.

I didn't get some of the "theme", like there was a construction hard hat display on the corner shelf.  We played with it and took pics anyway!

I loved that the sink area and mirrors were outside of the actual bathrooms.  We were able to get ready in a jiffy and not fight over space.  There was also a well stocked mini bar and a "Love Box" for $ 20.00 if needed. Bottled water wasn't included so ... that sucked.

We headed up to the roof top party to scope out the scene of the party.  Since we were staying at the hotel, we didn't have to pay the cover charge.  The party goers were unpretentious people looking to have a good time.

The view was even more dreamy during the sunset over the city and bridge.  Too bad it was a cloudy day.  Better luck next time!

We ordered apps from a Chinese restaurant, cupcakes from Sprinkles and sipped on champagne before heading out.

Since we were all dressed now, we gave the roof top another chance and it was packed.  It was quite the melting pot up there with all a variety of people.

The view from the roof top bar was amazing!

We had a great dinner at Spice Market and dancing in the meat packing district.  (Great restaurant pick Jess!)

It was nice that the hotel was only a short drive from the city and we past out on a comfortable bed.  My only complaint, the AC totally sucked! (Yes concierge lady, we had it on "snowflake" but the room was still hot!)

The clouds cleared up a little the next day.  It was cool to watch the 32,000 bikers do the Five Borough Bike Tour through our window.  That's when I realized why we probably couldn't get a cheap room in the city.

Farewell Z Hotel NYC, until next time...

Stay tuned for my review on Sunday Brunch at Sage General Store.  Here's a teaser