Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Al Fresco Patio Dining at Moonstones Chelmsford

The Mo and I haven't been to Moonstones since we had a celebratory dinner a couple years ago. Don't get me wrong, I do like the place but we just haven't had a chance to go back.  Since the both of us coincidentally ditched our evening workouts tonight and the weather was nice out, we headed to Moonstones for dinner.

Parking was a bit tough since the restaurant is located near a business hotel and there was some spillover.  There was also a special private event being held at the restaurant as well.

Moonstones Chelmsford 110
There are two areas for outdoor dining, one one the right with sofas and coffee tables and one on the left composed of dining patio tables and chairs; we went with the later. There was only one other table occupying the area.

Moonstones Chelmsford Outside Patio
We didn't want a huge meal so we ordered snacks and small plates from the tapas menu.  While we looked over the menu, a naan-like bread appetizer arrived for the table next door.  I inquired about the intriguing dish to the waitress and advised that it was a special and the last order due to the private party.  I was bummed.  The flatbread pizza resembled the naan flat bread so we opted for the barbacoa pork with tomatillo and arugula.

Moonstones Chelmsford Barbacoa Pork Arugula Flat Bread  $ 12.00
The flat bread was amazing! It tasted even better than the ones at Seasons 52!  The pork was tender and bursted with flavor.  I loved the sweet peppers and pickled tomatillo.  I would definitely recommend it and order it again.

The Korean pork belly lettuce wrapped looked succulent and amazing.  Too bad the cut of pork was all fat.  I know what pork belly is, I eat it all the time, it's supposed to be like a thick bacon with layers of fat and meat.  In this case, it was almost all fat and a tiny layer of pork protein.  It wasn't our favorite which is too bad because the seasoning was just right.

Moonstones Chelmsford Korean Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps $ 9.00
We got a side order of Pork Belly fried rice to continue with the fatty pig fatty theme.  The portion was very generous for a $ 5.00 side dish. It could have been served as it's own separate meal. Although the rice dish was a little heavy on the ginger flavor, it was pretty tasty with the sriracha sauce we asked for on the side.

Moonstones Pork Belly fried Rice $ 5.00
The Mo loved the hoison duck sliders on soft Chinese steamed buns.  The flavors blended wonderfully and I loved the Vietnamese "banh mi inspired" veggies that topped the mini sandwiches.  I thought they tasted great also, now I'm going to try to make them at home.

Moonstones Chelmsford Hoison Duck Sliders on steamed buns $ 13.00
During our last visit, we sampled the house chips.  The Mo remembered it so vividly and we had to get an order of the BBQ potato chips.  They were dangerous.  I had to stop myself from grabbing more.  Needless to say, the Mo polished them off.

Moonstones Chelmsford BBQ Potato Chips

The food was great and the service was wonderful.