Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lunch Specials at New Jang Su BBQ Korean Restaurant

My niece is obsessed with KPOP and for her birthday she wanted Korean food. I ordered some take out from New Jang Su Korean BBQ in Burlington.  I rarely go there but I thought I'd grab a few dishes for us to share in addition to our homemade Korean BBQ that we would have that night.

My niece loves her bim  bim bap so I also ordered a couple lunch orders. The Korean dish came with all the vegetables and meats separated in sections, topped with a sunny side egg and shredded seaweed  with rice on the side.  The vegetables consisted of lettuce, bean sprouts, carrots, and spinach.

New Jang Su Bim Bim Bap Lunch Size $ 7.50 ish

The lunch menu is VERY affordable.  Most of the dishes was around $ 7.00 each.  I ordered 2 of the Chap Chae, a dish made from sweet potato noodles and stir fried with sesame oil, vegetables, and meats.  It's my favorite Korean dish because it reminds me of my mother's (Cha Masour) which is thin bean thread cellophane noodles.

New Jang Su Chap Chae (Lunch size) $ 7.50 ish
The clay pot bim bim bap on the dinner menu also intrigued me so I got an order to go.  It was almost like a fried rice with all the ingredients already mixed together.

New Jang Su Bim Bim Bap Clay Pot Dinner Menu $ 13.95 ish
All the dishes was served with additional white rice, Korean staple condiments such as Kim Chi, daikon and cucumbers along with a couple sides of Korean chili bean paste.

Korean condiments
For dessert, we ordered a cake with a picture of her favorite KPOP star that shares the same birthday as her, Baekhyun.  She was so excited!

New Jang Su Korean BBQ Restaurant
Address: 260 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone:(781) 272-3787

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