Sunday, May 18, 2014

China Star Dim Sum in Lowell

It's been a little over a year since I shared my review  about the Grand Opening of China Star Dim Sum in Lowell.

Since then, the blog post about the Chinese small plates grew to be my #1 most popular post on reaching close to 7,000 hits.  I wanted to celebrate the restaurant's 1 year anniversary with a follow up post from a trip to the popular Chinese restaurant this weekend.
Original Post from 2013
The Mo and I arrived on a Saturday at noon and it was just as packed as it was during the grand opening around this time last year.  The diners were mostly comprised of Chinese families with some Cambodian patrons and a few Non Asian tables.

Just as any dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, once we sat, the cart ladies made a mad dash towards us unveiling their dim sum plates.  We're pretty boring when it comes to dim sum and we stick with our usual staples.

Since we don't really drink hot tea, we asked for water instead and requested hot chili oil.

The Mo really loves BBQ pork buns, steamed or baked. Since we saw the baked one first, that is what we got.  The sweet buns could have used a little more filling but the flavors and textures were on par.

I love the steamed pork and tofu rolls so we shared one.  The woman cut up the 3 rolls in halves which made it easier to pick up with our chopsticks.  They were still hot and the rolls were yummy.

Of course we had to get our staple shrimp har gow, shrimp dumpling.  Served piping hot from the carts and delicious.

Usually we get the shrimp noodles as well but since we already got the har gow, I went with beef wrapped in rice noodles in soy sauce.

I love me some pan fried turnip cakes.  I wasn't used to the Chinese sausages inside them.  Usually, its fried pork belly or bacon.  It was still good but BRING ON THE BACON.

We shared a fried crab claw which is essentially minced seafood rolled into a ball form on a crab claw.  It was room temperature as most of the other fried specialties.

The downside of "dim sum for two" is that we couldn't really try everything.  Of course we could have over ordered but the Chinese morsels doesn't taste as good when it's not fresh (with the exception of steamed buns)

Our bill for the two of us came to $ 24.00 which I thought was pretty good for 6 dim sum plates averaging $ 4.00 each.

This is a great restaurant for the Greater Lowell/Merrimack Valley area.  Unlike Chinatown or Woburn, it's conveniently located nearby and there is ample off street parking.

Although I've never attended a function at China Star, they also host large events like weddings and parties.  While we were there, we saw a sign that they would be closed next weekend at 5 PM for a private function.

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