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Tasty burgers, salads and smoothies at b.good in Burlington

b.good in Burlington proves that you don't have to sacrifice flavor when trying to eat on the lighter side.  Jill and I headed there today after we both packed a less than stellar lunch that was sitting in the office fridge. We'll probably get a email reminder to clean out our rotten "salad fixings" tomorrow. 

If you read my review on SlowBones, you will know that the parking lot for this strip plaza is awful so we arrived a few minutes before the noon lunch rush.

As I stood in line, I observed the posters hung on the walls displaying where the company sources their ingredients from.  It was pretty cool to see that they use all natural grass and grain fed beef for their burgers sourced from a local farm in Maine and get their cheese from Vermont.

My friend and I studied the menu displaying on the wall above the counter orders are placed.  There were a variety of beef and turkey burger with different themes or you can pick your toppings a la carte and customize it your way.  I was impressed that they offered gluten free buns.  I wish I knew then that I could substitute the crisp veggies for bread.

We placed our order, paid and waited for our food by the pick up station.  There was a fresh produce display with the salad station behind the counter.  The vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables stood out as the workers quickly assembled the salads and bowls.  I'm sure the accent lighting assisted with highlighting the freshness of the prdouce.

On the other side of the open kitchen, chefs grilled the natural patties to perfection as the sous chefs assembled the burgers with all the fixings.

The complimentary water cups was great to wash our meals down.  I spotted some people using the water cups to help themselves to the Maine root handcrafted soda fountain or one of the homemade natural drinks. Hello people, you actually have to pay for that and get a separate marked cup!

Near the beverage dispensers, there were ketchup, mustard and sriracha hot sauce.  Any place that serves sriracha is a winner in my book.

Robert, the b.good Community Ambassador approached us and talked about the vision of the company. They truly want people to enjoy the food and the atmosphere and just be.happy.  Maybe that is why they are so laid back and don't harass those that steal the drinks.  

Robert was really friendly and he signed us up to join the b.good family.  It only took a minute and we received a key chain loaded with a promotion for free fries on our next visit.  We would also receive a free gift on our birthday.

We found a table along the wall and settled down with our food, drinks, condiments and napkins.  As we sat, the lines got longer and the healthy fast food restaurant got busier.

Jill loves Life Alive in Lowell so she went for the Toasted Almond & Ginger bowl with grilled chicken. The meal had organic quinoa, kale, sauteed vegetables, shitake mushrooms, book choy, tamari almonds, bean sprouts, mint served tossed in a toasted almond-ginger sauce.  I had a few bites of  it and it was delicious.  I will definitely get it the next time I'm there (which is soon, I hope!)

Toasted Almond & Ginger Bowl with Grilled Chicken
I couldn't decide what to get so I pretty much got everything.  I really had my heart set on a burger and fries but I looked at the nutrition information  and decided to choose better options.

All the salads are available in "Side" salad portions for a couple bucks less.  I went with a side of Harvest Kale which was marinated kale, brussels sprouts, manchego cheese, sunflower seeds, beets, chick peas with sherry vinagaratte.  I loved it and it was plentiful for a main salad.  It was anything but boring and busted with flavor and all sorts of textures from the kale, cheese and seeds.

Since I really wanted a burger, I compromised and got a turkey burger patty without the cheese and bun.  I liked that I was able to add it on for about $ 1.99.  The natural hand-packed turkey was juicy and flavorful.

b.good Harvest Kale side salad and natural turkey Patty
The crisp veggies were different than what I expected the side dish to be.  I was imagining vegetable chips or roasted crisp vegetables.  Instead, I got what looked like steamed broccolini, kale, zucchini, carrots, shiitakes and tomatoes.  I think someone in the kitchen messed up because no where in the description mentioned any grape tomato.

b.good side of crisp veggies
The  hand-cut, oven- baked sweet potato fries looked amazing so we had to try it out.  We each had a few fries that satisfied our cravings.  They were delicious and you couldn't even tell they were prepared in a healthier fashion than deep frying.  Now, if I tried to oven bake fries, they probably won't taste the same.

b.good side of sweet potato fries
Somehow I forgot to take a picture of my Kale Crush smoothie made it fresh kale, apples, pineapple, banana and pineapple juice.  It was a bit on the sweet side for me with all those fruits heavy in natural sugar. I thought it was also on the pricey side costs a little over $ 5 bucks. Here is a picture of the green smoothie from their website.  (It's the green cup behind that juicy nitrate free burger)

via b.good
Outside the smoothie truck was parked and making Acai and berry samples, which was added to the menu today.  Robert handed out the little cups inside and outside the restaurant.  It was a perfect treat to end a great meal.  He explained that the Boston area truck only makes smoothies but there are other trucks in different areas that are equipped with ovens to prepare the delicious oven-baked hand cut fries.

b.good shake trucks

Robert, b.good's Community Ambassador
b.good acai berry samples

Our lunch was fantastic and we will definitely be back!
 PS. If you sign up as part of their family, you get a free burger on your birthday! How sweet is that?

Address: 82 Burlington Mall Rd, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone:(781) 229-0700

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