Friday, January 31, 2014

Work Baby Shower for Liz

Today we had a surprise baby shower for one of my coworkers, Liz.  She is expecting a baby girl and is a HUGE fan of animal prints.

The girls set up our office's conference room with baby decorations and

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Corporate Dinner at Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Tonight we had a work event for 30 people at Bamboo in Dedham.  Typically, we are regulars at P.F. Chang's for our work events but it was difficult to organize an event with that many people. I suspected it might be hard for people to converse with one another in an open restaurant.  I called Bamboo and they offered us a semi private room for our party.  It worked out great!

At first, I had some communications problems as

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grilled chicken caesar wrap

300 Calories / 18 Carbs / 14 Fat / 41 Protein

I had some Joseph's Flatbread left from last week and didn't want it to go to waste so I made a grilled chicken salad wrap for lunch today.  Hot lunches are always preferred to

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Low Cal Egg Salad Wrap ... maybe not so low in fat

I wasn't in the mood for a salad for lunch today so I added in some carbs and made a delicious egg salad wrap at work, kinda healthy right???   Probably not, but it still beats the Italian Sub in calories.  This dish only took 2 mins to make (if you already have the hard boiled eggs prepped)

Egg Salad Wrap 
466 Calories Whole / or only 233 Calories for Half


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meal(s) Preparation for the week

It's one of those things that I keep hearing over and over... "Preparation is key to success."  I often read that in the magazines, in the blogs all the diet and nutrition books along with tips on how to stay on track.  Even my coworker, who is a busy salesman, preps portioned ziplock bags of chicken, tuna, grape tomato and baby spinach to eat on the go.

The Mo and I squeezed in 2 great gym sessions this weekend, another saying..."Couples that

Sesame ginger salmon kale wrap

It's the AFC championship and I'm home on a Sunday afternoon prepping my meals for the week.  I would love to be at Garcia Brogran's pigging out on 25 cent wings and washing it down with $2.00 draft beers

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Plum Ginger grain-crusted fish

In effort to lose weight and maintain portion control, I've switched over to frozen food for lunch and dinner.  Although some are high in sodium, it beats the Chinese food or Italian sub with cheese and who can forget the bag of kettle chips.

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good: Plum ginger grain-crusted fish
Grain -crusted wild caught whole fish filet, brown rice with endamame, snap peas, wax beans, carrots, and a plum ginger sauce

The newest product family for the ever so popular Lean cuisine has

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fresh hand pulled noodles at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe

The typical weekend brunch for the Mo and I usually involves some type of noodles whether I make Phad Thai or "mee cha" at home or we dine out at one of the many Cambodian or Vietnamese restaurants a stone's throw away.  Some days it's pho and others we crave mee kathung.  If it's Chinese dim sum we are indulging in, we never fail to get the shrimp rice noodle roll.

This Sunday, the Mo suggested we try something different.  He wanted to go to Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Chelmsford.  We pulled up to a small hole in the wall-

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Game Day Specials at Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Woburn

For the Patriot's vs. Colts playoff game, a large group of my friends and coworkers headed to the Scoreboard in Woburn, MA.  Despite arriving almost 3 hours before the game, the bar was already at max capacity with fans in Pat's gear sharing appetizers and washing them down with ice cold ones at the advertised 'Tailgate Party."  There were all sorts of food and drink specials and free wings would be served during half time.  They had me at "Free Wings."

All you can eat Sushi Dinner at Foody Goody

This past Friday, a group of 8 friends and I headed to Foody Goody to try their dinner all you can eat menu for $ 19.99.  The restaurant was busy with another large party and other tables of two.

We started with some miso and hot and sour soup as well as seaweed salad.  I was under the impression that

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cheap Date Night at Pizzico Ristorante & Martini Bar in Nashua

With the snow storm hitting this past week, we were confined to our home for the past couple of days.  We had to get out of the house.

We had errands to run in Nashua so we stopped by Pizzico Risorante & Martini Bar, off of exit 1.  The restaurant is kind of hidden and tucked away on a small thruway in between the 7-11 and the smoke shop.  I've always seen the sign there featuring daily happy hour specials but we never made it in.

The Mo and I arrived at 4:30 PM thinking it would probably be dead.  I was wrong.  The

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cutting down the costs of our Travel Themed Wedding

The Mo and I couldn't have asked for a better wedding.  We were so happy and thrilled with how everything turned out.  To make the budget work, we cut a lot of corners to make it all happen. Now everyone has a different definition of the word "budget."

I think it's safe to say that the average wedding for the Boston area is anywhere between $40K-60K.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cambodian Cha Kroeung aka Cambodian beef curry stir fry recipe

This staple Cambodian beef stir fry dish is one of the Mo's favorite dishes.

When we first got together, he kept telling me that my version was different than his mom's.  Who can compete with a mother's cooking? It wasn't red enough or it it lacked flavor, and so I was told.  A decade later, I think I've nailed the recipe or at least ... he got used to mine.

This recipe is semi-homemade.  I say "semi" because I didn't actually make one of the main ingredients, the "Kroeung" curry itself.  The Cambodian curry staple mixture is made from love

All You Can Eat Fresh Made to order Sushi & Chinese at Foody Goody

I can't believe we've never heard about this place until cousin Ronnie went to this "Fresh all you can eat" sushi joint.

 I was intrigued to hear more about Food Goody, a Chinese restaurant in Lowell.  The Mo and I typically go to Nana's in Billerica or Sakura in Winchester to get our fix of unlimited sushi and Japanese side offerings.  I was excited that there was one right in Lowell! (not that Nana's is far from my house.)  Sushi Yanagi in Chelmsford is also a favorite of ours but everything is a la carte and the bill can get pretty steep.

We visited the restaurant for lunch today