Saturday, March 28, 2015

Goodbye Savoy Resort & Beau Vallon...

until next time...

(Disclaminer: All pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 not the DSLR, I wasn't going to lug around that shit all day)

Beau Vallon Beach

You can take the girl out of the hostel...

but you can't take the hostel out of the girl.

The price shock of Seychelles wasn't getting any easier.  We took it easy today and just laid out by the beach and pool, spending as little money as possible.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beau Vallon Beaches & Mimosa Bar

Beau Vallon Beach
Mahe, Seychelles
1st night in Seychelles and we're still jet lagged.  We woke up around 3 AM, WIDE AWAKE with nothing to do. After unsuccessfully trying to go back to sleep, we put on our gym clothes and head to the brand new 24 hour gym.  Of course we were the only ones there.

We waited for 7 AM to come so we could indulge in the breakfast buffet that came with our room package.  The breakfast offerings was quite extensive.  There were pancakes and waffles bars, omelette station, fruit stand, FRESHLY BAKED artisan bread and pastries, a salad station with CHARCUTERIE staples, hot entrees and my absolute favorite, a MIMOSA BAR!

From Hostel to a 5-star hotel: Savoy Resort & Spa

Savoy Resort & Spa
Mahe, Seychelles
 The ride to Abu Dhabi airport was cheaper than what we paid the previous night. It only set us back 75 AED instead of the 100 AED.  Since we had some time, we did some duty free shopping and the Mo bought a bottle of Johnny Walker Platinum 18 Years and I scored a free carry on luggage.

Our flight was delayed by an hour and we finally herded onto the plane via a shuttle.  The 5 hour ride seemed like it took forever but I had some company sitting near me. I met a British girl that does vocals for Calvin Harris. She had some very interesting celebrity stories to share.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

13 hour layover in Abu Dhabi via Etihad Airways

On Christmas morning, the Mo woke up to let the pups out while I was still in bed.  He ran up the stairs frantically and was like "Don't freak out but I just did something stupid."  I automatically assumed he left the door or gate open and the dogs ran away.  That wasn't it, he announced that he booked us flights for March to a destination that we didn't spend months discussing or planning as we do with our other vacations.

Still half asleep, I was like

Sunday, March 8, 2015

35 cents wings and comfort food at Stelio' s in Billerca


Anyone who drive's on 3A can easily recognize this Billerica landmark on Boston Road.

Stelios's Restaurant
via Stelio's website
The restaurant itself is not welcoming. It looks like a hole in the wall type of joint from the outside. The interior of the restaurant is a bit dated and the vibe is almost like a cult; warm and friendly for the regulars but cold and standoffish for the newcomers.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

$1.00 Oysters and wings special at 110 Grill in Chelmsford

It's been a EXACTLY a year since the Mo and I first walked into the newly opened 110 Grill in Chelmnsford.  Last week, I received an email promotion from the restaurant featuring their latest food specials.  Once I saw $1.00 oysters and .50 cent wings, I excitedly forwarded the email to the Mo with one sentence "Let's go Sunday!"

We wanted to get there early in fear of the oysters running out (because it does happen at Burton's in Nashua!).  The special for the $1.00 oysters and 50 cent wings only ran between 3- 6 PM Sunday through Thursday.  After 6 PM, the oysters are two bucks a shuck!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day's Dinner at Aprile's European Restaurant in Chelmford

With the anticipated Valentine's Day Blizzard, the Mo and I cancelled our reservations at our favorite restaurant, Del Frisco's on the waterfront in Boston.  The reminder from Opentable actually swayed us to do it, after all, we are not "Snow Troopers"

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl Game Day Potluck food

Let's face it, a Superbowl party is pretty much a "One Day Pass" to indulge in cheesy dips, fried goodness, decadent sweets, pretty much, all the bar food staples.  Of course I got the emails from Weight Watchers, my local gym and all the other health conscious websites in the like on how to "prepare" for Superbowl parties.  Their messages were all similar, eat a small meal ahead of time, fill up on veggies and drink lots of water.  Yeah.. OK, I've been doing that since January 1st.....  (not to mention, I haven't had a sip of booze since grandma's birthday 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bonchon Wings for Delivery

It was cold and we didn't feel like bundling up to brace the frigid winter weather so I browsed the Foodler website to scope out the menus of local restaurants.  I was surprised to see that Bonchon in Lowell was on the list.  We've only eaten at the restaurant but never actually requested door to door service.  I called the restaurant to confirm the information on the Foodler website was accurate and the girl on the other end advised that the current delivery time was 45 mins to an hr.  I was OK with that.  I skimmed the menu, I knew we had to get the staple Bonchon Chicken but I wanted excite my taste buds and try a few different things from the menu.