Friday, May 30, 2014

Angel and Bryan's Praying ceremony

Get used to these faces, because you are going to be seeing them a LOT in the next couple of weeks.  I've had the honor to meet the awesome couple 10 years ago when the Mo and I first started dating.  They are so much fun and I can't be more thrilled that they are FINALLY getting hitched! I thought it was stressful planning ONE wedding, these crazy kids are planning TWO weddings.

Their wedding festivities kicked off today with a praying ceremony with monks.  Tomorrow morning they will undergo the Cambodian wedding traditions of dowry presentation, hair cutting ceremony, tea ceremony and pairing ceremony.  The fun begins at night time at Pailin Restaurant where guests will feast on a 9 course meal, drink 1738 & warm beer and dance until midnight, or until the bands stops playing the "marizon."

Next week, they will have a picturesque ocean front wedding and reception in Bar Harbor Inn.  So between now and then, there will probably be 3 additional posts.

In traditional Cambodian weddings, the brides go through many dress changes between the different ceremonies and activities at the house and at the reception site.  It's not uncommon for brides to wear 6-10 outfits for the weekend.  The good thing is that almost everything can be rented.  The total ensemble with the makeup, hair, jewelry can range from $ 800.00- $1500.00.  Of course, everything is negotiable.

The traditional garments are made from rich decadent fabrics.  There are different styles and most of it is a "One Size fits all" where the stylist will take the clothes in or out based on the bride's size.  Most of the vendors also rent out the props required for the wedding ceremony.

The woman (or her and her team) arrives at the ceremonial site early in the morning, sometimes around 5 AM.  She provides outfits for the bridal party and does their hair and makeup.  Sometimes, she will even do the matriarch of the couple.   That's also negotiable.  

I arrived to the house just as Angel the stylist was putting on the final touches to Angel's Cambodian bride ensemble.  She looked absolutely stunning!

The groom also put on the royal blue and white Cambodian ensemble and one of the guests told him that he looked like a king!  I give him props because it was NOT comfortable but he sucked it up and went along with it for his soon to be bride.

They were naturals when we took pictures outside in the beautiful landscaped Tyngsboro house that Angel's cousin owns.

The monks arrived and the ceremony started.  It was an intimate blessing ceremony with mostly family members.

The couple was sprinkled with blessed holy water.  Those who understood the Buddhist religion participated in the blessings and chants.

After the ceremony, the family gathered around for portraits.

I'm so happy for Bryan and Angel and can't wait for tomorrow! XOXO