Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bonefish Grill in Burlington

Mint Thai Tea
Burlington now offers a wide range of new dining choices from toasted sandwiches at Potbelly's to the new recently opened Seasons 52 fresh grill. That whole Wayside Commons area is quickly evolving and catering to the nearby office parks and hotels as well as the locals.

On a whim, Greg, Jill (my coworkers) and I decided to give Bonefish Grill a try for lunch.  The restaurant had only been open a couple of days before our visit. We were promptly seated and our waitress who was also training another girl greeted us right away.  She asked us if we were in a rush or had some time to enjoy lunch. I thought this was a great question because we did need to be back at the office before 1 o clock.  After replying to her, she recommended us drinks and described the Thai tea like "Christmas in your mouth."  How could I say no that that?  The Thai ice tea had a hint of mint flavor that was different than what is served at a Thai restaurant.

Before visiting, I glanced at the menu beforehand.  I really wanted to try the Singapore calamari on the main menu.  The lunch menu was limited and it was not offered. I tried to see if it was available upon request but the waitress came back and said the kitchen couldn't do it and suggested the bang bang shrimp instead.  The recommendation was well received as the appetizer was delicious. The shrimp was crispy and the creamy sauce has just the perfect hint of spice.
Bang Bang Shrimp

I thought it was cool that our waitress offered us chopsticks to use for appetizer.  She also had a tablet in her hand to take our order which expedited the process.

I got the lunch combo special which included a soup or salad and two tacos for $8.90.  I was surprised that I was able to get clam chowder at no additional cost.  Most restaurants have a small up charge for stew, chili or chowder in lieu of soup.  The chowder was pleasantly different than the chowders that I am used to with the thick heavy cream base.  Their chowder had a hint of green and wasn't as milky as the standard chowders.
Filet tacos and Clam chowder lunch combo
 The filet tacos were great.  The wrap was soft and the meat was flavorful. There was a great sauce drizzled on the tacos that added a sweet herb taste.  It was delicious.
Filet tacos
My friend ordered fish tacos and Caesar salad and she thought the dressing might be a bit on the heavy side for her salad.
Fish Tacos and Caesar Salad lunch combo
We were finished and done with our meal in less than 30 minutes after arriving to the restaurant. Can you say, speedy service?  Lunch combo's for 3 people, 1 shared appetizer and 2 specialty non alcoholic beverages was less than $ 45.00. The restaurant seemed to be overstaffed as there were many hostesses, lots of waiters running food and clearing the tables in lightening speed.  At one point, it was even a bit overwhelming as 3 different people came to ask how how everything was within minutes of each other.  One being the manager.  I get it, they just want to make sure the customers are happy, after all, it was opening week.

The Mo and I will definitely be back and give their dinner menu a try.

Corporate dinner at Seasons 52
Bombay Club Burlington

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