Friday, March 7, 2014

Bombay Club in Burlington

The Indian restaurant tucked away in a plaza on Cambridge street that formerly known as The Mughals is now operating under new ownership and reopened as Bombay Club.  The Mo and I decided to scope out the new establishment for their lunch buffet today.


Much of the decor is the same  from the previous restaurant.

Price for their lunch buffet was a flat $10.00 and it included the traditional Indian buffet offerings such as butter chicken, samosas, tandoori chicken along with other dishes that I wasn't familiar with: tamarind rice, lamb saag, muttar paneer, jerika rice.  The buffet featured the usual condiments, sides and of course, naan. Plain naan, not garlic.


In terms of pricing, the food offerings was fair but the food lacked flavor and excitement.  I was secretly hoping for an Indo-Chinese dish like Gobi Manchurian or chili chicken such as the Pongal down the road in Billerica.  The Raita yogurt was very plain, I assume the patrons are to add their own spices and herbs to their liking.

Service was great as the waiter/hostess kept refilling our water and removing our dishes quickly.  The restaurant was very clean and the lighting and ambiance was perfect.

While we were there, there were about 4 other tables dining at the establishment.  They seemed to be enjoying the food as they went up for 2nds and 3rds, afterall, it was a buffet.

Overall, this new Indian restaurant will do if you are looking for a quick fix but my #1 choice is still the Pongal in Billerica.  You can't get any better than fresh hot dosas served to your table.

Also, they are currently offering a special, if you sign up for their email list on their website, you get a free lunch buffet. One per a table. I signed up and the coupon came into my inbox almost immediately.

*** Update

I had a craving for Gobi Manchurian and went on my own during the lunch break.  I ordered Gobi Manchurian with Indo-Chinese fried rice.

Although not typical, they threw in naan, which I was greatly appreciative.  The food Indo Chinese food was absolutely delicious!

Here's another buffet experience

and another one...can you tell that I'm a regular?

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