Saturday, November 30, 2013

Boracay Pub Crawl

and other things...

I woke up early and hung out the Coco Restaurant to freeload off the WIFI.  The signal was actual pretty decent so I spent hours posting a day and a half blog post. 

The Mo joined me for the breakfast buffet included in the room price.  The food was OK, it was your typical western bacon, eggs, cheese, pastries along with Asian dishes such as
rice and adobo. 

After breakfast we walked along White Beach towards Station 3 since we have never gone that way before.  Station 1 and 2 is definitely much better than Station 3.  The quality of the hotels and beach access areas are more appealing and there is a greater variety of shops and restaurants in station 1 and 2.

We turned around once it seemed like the pathway was about to end and walked towards Willy’s Rock past station 2 and 1.  Willy’s Rock is Boracay’s most recognizable attraction, it’s an oddly shaped volcanic formation on the beach with stairs leading to a statue of the Virgin Mary.

After walking around for an hour, the Mo and I indulged in beachfront Thai massages at Nigi Nigi Two Beach Resort.  At times, the massage was more painful than relaxing, I told the Mo, I think I need to get massages everyday so I can acquire to the different massage technique, he glared at me and I know he was thinking “yeah, OK princess.” 

We went back to our room and took a shower to wash off the massage oil and laid out by the beach. I was bummed that I somehow manage to crack the screen on my Kindle Paperwhite and I couldn’t finish reading my book.  I also had the Kindle HD but it’s not the same with the glare from the sun. 

We used to book our hotel room and they offered a voucher for a brick oven pizza at the Red Coconut Restaurant.  The Mo and I split a Margherita pizza (more like a cheese pizza with sliced tomatoes) and Thai spring rolls, that came out as vegetarian spring rolls, not once but twice.  Of course I wanted to send it back again, but the Mo urged me not to.

Since we have been going to bed every night before 9:30 PM on vacation, we forced ourselves to take a nap so we couldn’t take part in the lively nightlife that Boracay is known for.  The generator is turned off between 1 and 5:00 PM so it was a bit tricky falling asleep in our room without AC.  We napped for a couple of hours and woke up around 7:30 for renowned Boracay Pub Crawl.

We were greeted at Ti Braz French and Filipino restaurant by pubcrawl crew.  Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.  We checked in and got our souvenir yellow t-shirts that we had to wear throughout the night.  People were creative transformer the plain tees to tank tops, tube tops or a much fashionable shirt.  We received our shot glass, coupon book and drink vouchers.  The vouchers would entitle us to shots at the different bars/clubs we visited.  We stayed at the bar for another ½ hour and got the free shots and drink special.

The event was split into two groups which were led by 2 young expats, Oliver and “Tye Tye.”  We headed to the beach where we were briefed. Here are the rules:
  • ·         No Smoking on the beach
  • ·         No Sex on the Beach
  • ·         No Urinating on the beach
  • ·         No Fighting
  • ·         And No Sex on the Beach

Throughout the night, they would also make up “fun” rules , the first one was No drinking with your right hand.  If you were caught drinking with your right hand, you would have to chug your booze immediately.
We befriended Americans that were in the air force stationed in South Korea and orthopedic surgeons from Nepal and Manila.  Although everyone was from totally different backgrounds, I felt like I belonged to a crazy frat party.  The Pub Crawl’s motto is “Turn strangers into friends” and they definitely succeeded.
After free Malibu shots on the beach, we moved onto the next bar where there was a karaoke machine.  It was a group effort as everyone sang along to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and other songs.  We took more shots and bought more drink specials.  One thing to note is that most of the free shots were sweet and syrupy so we weren't too keen on them.

We were herded back to the beach area where we were broken up into 3 teams and had a friendly competition where we were lined up and had to put a wig and large glasses on and runaround our leader 2 times before passing the props to the next person in line.  The team that completes the challenge first, wins! (Then we found out later that they had to take more shots) Well, our team won! We kinda cheated but we won! The Mo and our new friend was distracted and never took a turn and everyone assumed we finished and started cheering for us. It was quite comical. I am glad we won because you all know how competitive I can get.

We were briefed again as we would be taking a trike to the next bar location where we would meet up with the other group.  New rules were added, we couldn't say the number 10 and we couldn't say the word “mine.”  We squeezed into a trike with 2 other couples for a short 3 minute ride to Fifties Café.  

The bar was pretty cool with a 50’s theme décor and the staff dressed up in cute poodle skirts and costumes.

I was enjoying my beer at the bar area and a local girl was getting her picture taken with her camera phone.  The group leader took the phone and asked, “Who does this camera belong to?” she replied, “it’s mine” and that’s how it all started.  She was definitely provoked and it was hilarious.  She had to do 10 pushups or sit-ups.  The crowd cheered her on and counted aloud to 10.  Whoops! They broke the rules to, you can’t say “10.” Each time, someone slipped and they would have to participate in the exercise.

Our new American friend Robby, kept making the mistake and had to do it twice! He actually slipped up a 3rd time and I was the only one that caught him and screeched, “you said 10!”

Of course the group leader heard me and made me drop down and give him 10.  All the girls did crunches but I was badass and preferred pushups instead.  The crowd was amazed that a fat girl like me was able to do 10 pushups without breaking a sweat.  Little do they know, that is the only exercise I can do. Haha.

We walked across the street though a narrow path that brought us to beach by Station 2.  Our next destination was the Wave Bar and Nightclub at Boracay Regency.  I was surprised they would let a group of rowdy kids into the trendy bar with an upscale clientele.  Once we entered, I got it.  The dance floor was almost empty and people were lounging and people watching.  Our group got on the dance floor and got the party started.  It was great, I was having a blast dancing to the latest top hit’s.  We haven’t danced liked that since our wedding in August.

We moved on to Epic night club on the beach and continued dancing.  The Mo and I switched over to water and called it quits after half past midnight. 

Since we didn’t have dinner, we went to Jammer Restaurant and ordered food to go.  We sat in our room at ate not so great “Philly Cheese steak,” a hotdog and French fries.

It was quite an eventful night and I had so much fun! That is the best activity that we've done since we have been on the island.