Friday, November 22, 2013

5 point cafe Happy Hour bacon for breakfast and Korean Air Bimbimbap for dinner

It took us a little more than 25 hours from our check-out at our Seattle Hotel before checking into our hotel in Cebu City.  We started our morning with a quick breakfast at the 5-Point CafĂ©, a dive bar that serves alcohol at 8 in the morning.  Although we didn’t get bloody mary’s or beers as the other diners, we did take advantage of their early morning happy hour special, the Mo got French toast for $3.00 and I got a delicious thick cut apple bacon egg and cheese sandwich for $2.75.
Delicious $ 2.50 breakfast sandwich
The hotel courtesy town car drove us to the Westlake LinkRail station where we caught airport shuttle.  The train set us back only $2.75 each compared to the $50.00 cab ride we paid upon arrival.

Check- in and airport security was a breeze and we were sitting at our gate in no time.  Funny story, the Mo tried to surprise me with a “Special Occasion” cake on the flight by requesting one in advance. Of course, the ticketing agent verified this information in-front of me and I had no idea what she was talking about.  The Mo looked all panicky and bothered and I finally got it. LOL, it was supposed to be a surprise and she ruined it.

Shortly after our Korean Air flight took off, we were served honey roasted peanuts and drinks, of course I got red wine.  Our meal choices were pasta, chicken or Korean bimbimbap.  Both the Mo and I went with the Korean staple dish.  The flight attendant gave us a “recipe” card on how to assemble our meal with the separate rice, sesame oil and red chili paste.

After several glasses of wine and catching up on the last jaw dropping episode of Homeland, I passed out to Celine Dion's Greatest Hits album.    I woke up a few times and watched 3 different movies.

After 10 hours we arrived in South Korea where we herded through airport security again.  I appreciate the extra security but it was quite the hassle.  We stood in line for almost an hour with anxious passengers fearing they would miss their connection flight. People were shoving and yelling at each other as the line slowly moved.  Finally the TSA agents had to let those passengers with “Final Boarding Calls” through the line so they would make their flight.

Our flight was slightly delayed because we had to wait for other connecting flights to arrive. I suspect it was the emergency/disaster relief teams from other nations.  Once the final group arrived, we boarded.

I have never rode on a 777-200 before with 2 decks of seating.  Our seats were in the back where there were only 2 of us in a row and the Mo appreciated the extra leg room.

After our dinner of Chinese beef and lo mein was served, the flight attendant brought out our “surprise” celebration” cake.  

I was too tired to eat it so we put it aside.  Every time I fell asleep, I would be woken by the turbulence.  It was not a good flight.

We arrived in Cebu City and were greeted with a warm welcome by both the Korean airlines crew and the employees at the Mactan/Cebu airport.  Immigration line was a bitch!  We stood in line for 30 minutes in a hot room with people pushing and cutting the line.  I had a little” freak-out” moment when a lady decide to tend to her baby at the very bottom of the escalator causing a bottleneck situation that led myself and others  to fall along with our luggage tumbling on top of us.  All she had to do was take one step aside so everyone can get through.  We had nowhere to go and it was not a pretty scene.

The airport taxi stand was very efficient and the line went by fast.  Two to three taxis would line up and the airport employees helped us with our luggage and wrote down our taxi number for us in case there were any issues. 
It was raining when we arrived in the city and the airport transfer to our hotel was about 20 minutes.

I was relieved to check into our hotel, the Best Western Lex Cebu, it was listed #5 on Tripadvisor and we will actually be staying in the #2 hotel later.  Upon entering the hotel, I felt like I walked into Christmas.  The lobby was adorned with a beautiful Christmas tree and the speakers piped out Christmas carols.  The modern hotel only set us back $50.00 for the night.  

The room boasted a large king size bed, LCD screen and separate tub and shower.  It was very similar to the Pan Pacific hotel we just stayed at with the large soak tub having a view of the bedroom.
We were too tired to go out and explore.  We took a nice bath, ate our cake and called it a night.

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