Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fresh Seafood feast at D’Talipapa in Boracay

After an afternoon of swimming and hanging out at the Spider house resort, we showered and changed and headed into town.

With our new friends that evening, we ventured out to D’Talipapa: Fresh seafood wet market + souvenir shops.  The area is known for paluto restaurants that would cook your fresh seafood purchased at the market to your liking.  We bargained with different seafood vendors and ended up with a kilo of baby clams, blue fish, squid, 2 crabs, and ½ kilo of prawns.  With the metric system not being prevalent in American schools, I was quite confused many times.  I had to keep asking the vendors what a “kilo” looked like.  I was happy we had Sky with us, he is an engineer student and great with math and conversions.

We found a restaurant that quoted us a price to cook our foods. In addition to our seafood, we ordered adobong kangkong, individual white rice and drinks.
The crab was cooked in a red chili sauce that hinted a light tomato base.

The blue fish and squid were “barbecued” aka grilled.

We had the baby clams in a ginger sauce.
 Our prawns were served in a garlic butter sauce.

The meal was fantastic and we were stuffed to the max.  We had so much food.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomach.  Of course, the Americans ate too fast and the Singaporeans took their time to enjoy the meal.  They told me that Singaporeans are known to eat and they didn't let any of the seafood go to waste.

We were beat and returned back to the Spider house on a trike.  A few times on the way back, we drove through dark unlit roads.  I was pretty sure the trike driver was going to take us somewhere and rob us.  It didn't happen, we made it back to the Spider house and we passed out.