Monday, December 2, 2013

Cocomongo's 15 shooters Bar & Boracay Island Hopping to Puka Island

We woke up to the same daily grind: Breakfast and blogging on the beachfront at the Red Coconut hotel in Borocay. We met up with our Singapore friends at 9:00 AM for our "Island Hopping" & Snorkeling tour.  The boat was delayed so Jasmine and I got our hair braided in the interim.
Although we paid for a private tour, we somehow got suckered into sharing our banca with another group.  We were pissed off at first but we later learned we were better off on the bigger banca due to the choppy ocean water. A Banca is a native outrigger boat powered by a small air cooled gas engine that is widely used in the Philippines.

 This was our banca boat.

The banca was anchored in the ocean so we could snorkel.  We fed the fishes bread so they would surround us.  There were different fishes but it wasn't that great.

Our tour originally was supposed to take us to Crystal Cove to snorkel around the rocks and cove but our tour guide advised it was too dangerous due to the choppy waters.

We headed to Puka beach for some swimming and a barbecue grilled lunch on the beach.  "Yapak" beach is remote and quiet compared to the famous white beach.  Although the sand wasn't as powdery soft, I thought the water was much clearer and turquoise than white beach.  The beach is covered in puka seashells used to make necklaces and bracelets.

 Our seafood lunch was great.  The tour guide grilled prawns, fish, chicken thighs served along with rice and fresh fruit.

After lunch we boarded our vessel and continued our trip.  We passed by West Cove where Manny Pacquio regularly visits when he and his entourage stays in Boracay.

We anchored for a final snorkeling spot on the tour.

Later on the evening, we invited a staff member from our tour to have drinks with us.  Vina, is a sweet young 23 year old girl that has been nothing but helpful on all our tours.  She takes pictures for us, holds our flip flops and bags and shoos away flies for us at her own will.  The Filipinos are known for their hospitality and excellent customer service but she went above and beyond so the Mo and I wanted to treat her to some drinks.

We headed to the famous Cocomangas known for their party scene and shooter bar.  The bar offers a friendly competition.  Their motto is, "Do it for your country!"  If you are still standing after 15 shots, your name goes up on the wall.

At 10:00 PM the bar was already packed.  We couldn't get a booth or a table so we settled for the bar.  Sky and the Mo took on the challenge while the girls and I drank Jagger bombs, vodka drinks and took Malibu pineapple shots.

A booth finally opened up and we grabbed it and sat Indian style.  Actually, some of us danced in the booth.
We had so much fun dancing to Pitbull, Ke$ha and even the 1995 hit, "Macarena"  The dancfloor was a sausage fest.  The guys to girl ratio was like 20 to 1.

We were sad to say goodbye to our new friends as they would be leaving the day after.  It was a great farewell party with our new friends.  It was so much fun!