Monday, August 3, 2015

Salad #14:Black Fig & Gorgonzola Meets Chickpea & Quinoa

One of my new favorite places for lunch is Papa Razzi Metro in Burlington. Of course I've already blogged about it before HERE, but today its a special post because it s bookmarked in the "28 Days of Salad" section.  

The lunch menu has a few choices for salad, pizza, panini as well as some limited entree offerings. Typically, I'd go with a panini and fries or a pizza but today I went with a salad. I love their fluke panini and I'm a HUGE fan of their vegetarian option which has chicken pea and quinoa cake (and I'm not even VEGETARIAN)!

I decided I wanted to create a salad that wasn't on the menu by combining two different dishes. Luckily for me, the chef was pretty accommodating and created a delicious lunch! I know I know, I'm a pain in the ass and I can never just order a standard dish of the menu, and so the Mo and Jill tells me so.

Metro Customized salad
Black Fig & Gorgonzola Meets Chickpea & Quinoa 

The salad base was the Black Fig and Gorganzola which featured baby greens, pickled red onions, pignoli ( i have no idea what that is) and crispy prosciutto which tasted like premium bacon strips.

Instead of choosing one of their standard "salad proteins", I opted for the chickpea and red quinoa caked with a roasted portabello mushroom.

It was amazing!! I have no idea what the calorie count was but I will definitely order it again.  The sweet fig was a nice contrast to the salty prosciutto crisps.  The salad was premixed with the perfect amount of red wine vinaigrette.  The chickpea/quinoa cake was reminiscent of a falafael.

Also, since I didn't pay for lunch, I have no idea what the dish cost at the end.  The salad is usually $9.00 and the panini is usually $12.00 with fries so I'm thinking it's somewhere around $20.00. (Thanks Justin!)

The salad was so good, I wasn't tempted by my fellow diners who ordered Italian specialties. They both looked great though!

Chicken Parmigiana $ 19.00

Rigatoni Bolognese $19.00

  1.  2 Wall St
  2.  Burlington, MA 01803