Thursday, August 20, 2015

Girl's Night out at Strega Prime in Woburn

I received an email invite for dinner and was sold at "RESTAURANT WEEK. Yup, count me in for dinner with 7 other girls at Strega Prime in Woburn. I'm no newbie to the restaurant but it's always fun to get out with the girls, take some tequilla shots, let our hair down and converse about things we probably shouldn't discuss at the dinner table.

For the Boston restaurant week special, Strega Prime was offering a 3 course dinner menu for $38.00. Starters included chilled corn soup, caprese salad and smoke tuna tartare.  For dinner entrees, patrons could choose between the 6 oz filet, grilled salmon, cornish hen or pappardelle.  The two dessert options were chocolate cream pie and creme brulee.

Some of us arrived early and got drinks at the bar. Some were on Asian time and one was stranded at the train station guilting me for not offering to pick her up.  Although I didn't go with the sangria, the girls were used to a sweeter version and had the bartender add extra simple syrup so they could enjoy the blended wine.

Strega Prime Sangria

Once our party was seated in the semi private area in the back and we ordered drinks. Some stuck with wine and some went straight for tequila shots. Wow, what a fun table!

Everyone had different opinions on the complimentary warm popovers. Some of the girls thought it was too salty, some tried to guess the ingredients and some just loved it. The server confirmed that there is both butter and cheese in it.

Strega Prime popover

For starters, the table shared calamari, oysters, meatballs, and lobster gnocchi as well as the included appetizers in the fixed menu (corn soup and salmon tartare)

Small Gnocchi with lobster

Salmon tartare

Oysters on the half shell

Mamma Rosetta Wagyu meatball

Fried calamari 
Chilled corn soup with crab meat

I think most people were stuffed before dinner was served but all the entrees looked too amazing to pack home.  The cornish hen with risotto was beautifully plated.  It looked damn good.

Cornish Hen alla Diavolla with lemon and parmesan risotto

I had steak all week so I switched it up to the rack of lamb. It was the best lamb I've ever had ! The meat was tender, flavorful and plentiful! It was so good that I caught myself nibbling every piece of meat from the ribs.

Rack of Lamb with eggplant puree and salsa verde
Most of the girls went with the 6 oz filet, who doesn't love a good filet steak?  You can't go wrong with a filet.

Strega prime restaurant week 6 oz filet steak

For a shared side, there was wild mushroom and truffle risotto.  Someone said it was too "mushroomy" but I thought it was great.

Wild mushroom and truffle risotto

By now, everyone was stuffed and most of the girls took their dessert to go.  Some of us made room and had a few bites of creme brulee and a fantastic brownie topped with vanilla gelato. It was out of this world!

Strega Prime Creme Brule

Strega Prime Brownie with Vanilla gelato
Service was exceptional and they put up with a loud and crazy group of girls. The general manager came to check up on us and offered us a round of limoncello on the house. That was really sweet and generous of them.

I had such a great time ! I laughed so much, Maybe next time we can check out the STRIP? . Check out my other review for Strega. 

The Varano Group
100 Sylvan Road (Trade Center 128)
Woburn, MA