Friday, August 28, 2015

Korean Dinner at Seoul Kitchen in Westford

We wanted to celebrate Dary's milestone 21st birthday over some nice cocktails and dinner so we headed over to The Sunset Tiki Bar in Westford.  Stupid us, we never made reservations and the wait would be over an hour and a half during prime dinner time.  Since we were starving, we opted not to wait and check out other places nearby.

After a few google searches for "sushi", we found Seoul Kitchen a few miles away serving, "creative sushi, traditional Korean and craft cocktails."  The restaurant was pretty busy when we arrived. Diners enjoyed the warm summer weather on the patio while imbibing pints of imported beers.

We were quickly seated in the restaurant by the sushi bar but it took a while for our server to come get our drink orders.  Drinks prices weren't bad, a glass of wine was around $7.00 and large imported beers at $6.95 for a Sapporo.

We started off with lots of appetizers.  The avocado ball served with tortilla chips was my favorite.  It was a ball formed with avocado stuffed with tuna and drizzled with spicy mayo sauce and tobiko.

Seoul Kitchen Avocado Ball $16.00

The appetizer combo came with Korean dumplings, crab Rangoon and "Southeast Asian" wings.  It was just Ok.

Seoul Kitchen Appetizer combo $14.00
The Wagyu beef croquettes weren't all that special.  It tasted more like fried mashed potatoes and lacked meat filling.

Wagyu Beef Croquettes $9.00

If you like a little kick to your food, the Jalapeno bomb is recommended. It's tempura and flash fried with jalapeno and tuna and drizzled with sweet eel sauce.

Small Jalapeno Bomb $8.00
The Korean seafood pancake was a guilty pleasure. It was incredibly greasy but delicious.  There were generous chunks of octopus, shrimp, scallops and squid.

Pan-seared Korean style scallion pancake seafood $13.000
We were getting full off all the appetizers but had to try some of the Korean specialty dishes.  Of course we ordered the staple Korean dish, bibimbap.  It was served in the traditional clay bowl topped with bean sprouts, carrots, daikon, sesame seeds and the soybean paste sauce and a sunny side up egg.We went with the beef bulgogi option. It was delicious!

Seoul Kitchen Westford Bibimbap $18.00
The spicy pork bulgogi was also delicious.  It arrived on our table on a hot sizzling platter and served with white rice and fresh lettuce for wrapping the delicious pieces of marinated meat.

Spicy Pork Bulgogi $19.00
One of my favorite Korean dishes is Jap Chae, we ordered the shrimp version and it was good.

Japechae shrimp $16.00
We were busting at the seams but couldn't complete a birthday dinner without a birthday song and some sweets. Just like most Asian restaurants, the desserts were pretty limited so we ordered a molten chocolate cake and a mango mousse cake.

Chocolate molten cake $7.00
Mango Mousse cake $7.00

The restaurant was pretty good. I'd definitely be back and skip on a few appetizers.  I think this place would be great for a girl's night out.

Our total for all the appetizers, entrees and drinks came to about $150.00 total (tip not included). I think that is pretty reasonable averaging less than $50.00 per person for upscale  modern Asian food,.