Saturday, August 1, 2015

Salad # 13: Peephup Tmei "French Beef" Salad

I'm sad to say that my FAVORITE salad on this blog series so far is one that I didn't make.  Lisa & BG introduced me to this salad a few months back when they brought it over to my place for pot luck.  When she first told me, "We're gonna pick up a beef salad form Peephup Tmei, BG really likes it", I was a bit confused.  Is she bringing beef plear (the Cambodian raw beef salad cooked in lime juice).

When the dish arrived, it was not your typical Cambodian salad.  It was grilled (or fried) marbleized cut of beef atop a bed of spring mix, topped with sliced black and green olives, red onions, carrots and bell peppers. The salad had already been mixed with the restaurant's house dressing.  (No you can't buy it on its own either, I already asked)

Peephup Tmei French Beef Salad $18.00

It's hard to count calories because this dish was massive! I could have eaten it 4-5 times.  For the serving I had, it was probably 5 oz of meat, 2 cups of vegetables and 3 tablespoons of sauce, if I had to guesstimate. It's hard to lists the ingredients in their sauce so I counted it as the Vietnamese Nuoc mam sauce because of the sugar content. The salad comes in between 400-550 calories per a serving. There is a high "fluff" because I don't know how the steak was prepared.  Most Cambodian restaurants fry it in high heat oil for the nice crisp.

While I enjoyed my salad, my other fellow diners ordered some of my favorite Cambodian dishes.  No, I didn't eat any.. OK maybe I stole some noodles.

Beef Loc lac rice dish $8.50

Yellow noodles with beef and Chinese broccoli $8.50

Crispy Yellow Noodles Special