Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Best sushi in the area at Sushi Yanagi Chelmsford

The Mo left me for a long weekend of debauchery in Vegas for a bach party and there was no way I was going to sit and mope around the house and eat frozen dinners.  I rounded up the friends and we headed to Sushi Yanagi in Chelmsford for a sushi fest of our own.

Greg suggested we sit at the sushi bar and I've never actually sat at there before. Usually we get seated at one of the booths near the windows.  I loved sitting at the bar and conversing with the chef and watching him prepare all the delicious rolls with the blow torch.

The place was packed for a Wednesday night.  We started off with some drinks, a scorpion bowl for two and a Zipang sake.  The sparking sake was reminiscent of a super sweet champagne.  Too sweet for my liking, it was like drinking sugar soda water.

For starters, we split the Thai lettuce wraps, salmon naruto rolls and horishi buns.

Sushi Yanagi Horishi Buns appetizer $6.50

Thai spiced lettuce wraps $8.45

Salmon naruto roll  8.25
The chef gave us a sample of the Hot pepper tuna appetizer from the sushi bar. It was like a jalapeno popper, deep fried with cream cheese. We enjoyed it so much that we got an additional order to the sample we got.

Hot Pepper Tuna appetizer from sushi bar $ 8.50

We didn't know what to order so we just watch the chef prepare maki rolls for other diners. Once we saw a few of his creations. Out favorite was the Crazy tuna roll with spicy tuna, crunch, avocado, pepper tuna and special sauce.  We liked it so much we got two maki rolls! Price was a bit steep at $12.25 a roll.

Sushi Yanagi Crazy Tuna Maki Roll $12.25

The chef used a blow torch to perfect the yellowtail jalapeno.  The small slivers of jalapenos gave the sushi a nice kick.

Sushi Yanagi Yellow Tail Jalapeno appetizer from sushi bar $ 9.50
We probably should have stopped ordering rolls but we were intrigued.  We continued on with the Mexican roll that featured shrimp tempura and soy sushi wrap in lieu of the traditional seaweed.

Mexican roll
Although the maki rolls ere great, the Phad thai was sub par.  Next time, I'll just stick to the rolls. The noodle dish was soggy and priced at $11.50 for the chicken version. I could get a better phad thai in Lowell for $7.95.

Sushi Yanagi Phad Thai $11.50
We had a great time. (The 3 scorpion bowls may have contributed to that!) We were totally stuffed and could have used a little rolling out ourselves.  Pricing was reasonable compared to other sushi joints nearby.  Our bill came out to around $150.00 for the 3 of us.

83 Parkhurst Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824