Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Salad #15: Tropical fruit with grilled shrimp spinach salad (under 300 calories)

Tropical Spinach Salad
This salad is AMAZING and only under 300 calories! There's a bit of prep work included so it's not something you can just whip up together in a jiffy.

First, I marinated a pound of shrimp with Wegman's mojo marinade overnight. I chopped up a small bunch of fresh cilantro for additional flavor and added it to the shrimp.

In order to cook evenly (and not lose any on the girll), I skewered 3 large shrimp on each bamboo skewers.  I seared the shrimp on high temperature on the outdoor grill for the beautiful charred marks. Shrimp cooks quickly and only takes a couple minutes on each side.

For the tropical fruit medley, I chopped up some kiwi, star fruit (carambola) and fresh mango. The mango was on sale this week at $1.00 each.  I prepackaged them in individual containers since the kiwi tends to go quicker.

I packaged all my fruits and veggies as well as bagged baby spinach and stored them in my work fridge.  At lunch time, it was time to assemble my salad and I gotta admit, I was actually looking forward to this one. For some additional texture and color, I added pomegranate seeds, red bell pepper and red onion.

For the dressing, I used a light Miso Ginger vinaigrette, also by Wegman's.  The delicious dressing is low in calories and also low in carbs!

Wegman's Miso Ginger
Here's the caloric count.

I had the salad for 3 straight days. Here is day 2. Day 3 looked pretty similar.

I didn't have any more tropical fruit left by the time day 4 rolled around so I made open faced shrimp sandwiches with guacamole and Pepperidge Farm Bagel Flats.  They were yummy!