Saturday, August 1, 2015

Seafood Shack, mini -golf, bumper boats and more at Kimball Farms in Westford

Kimball Farms in Westford has got to be the best "non-coastal" place get your fried seafood fix. With three lots, parking is plentiful.  The Mo and I went on a beautiful summer Saturday night for dinner. It was past 7 and the line for the seafood grill and shack was still going strong.

Luckily, the queue went by pretty quick.  We were at the ordering window in no time.  The menu is mainly steamed lobsters and fried seafood but there were other menu items for those that prefer land animals.  Prices for the seafood options were pretty good but I thought they were kinda steep for the other grill items like the burgers and hot dogs, $9.50 and $7.25 respectively.

Dinner for the two of us came out to $59.70 for two entrees, a corn and a beer.  That's a bit more than what we typically pay for a casual meal but we did order seafood.  On the bright side, we didn't have to tip.  Also, the lady infront of us spent over 100.00 for her family of four with 2 small kids.  I wonder what she ordered. the grilled cheese did look good.

There are many picnic tables from; an outdoor section in the shaded area, an outdoor section in the open and a tented section with stringed lights and a cooling fan.

There were different condiment areas where patrons could get their own fixin's for the grill items as well as condiments for their waffle fries and onion rings.  I liked that there was hot sauce and malt vinegar, not your typical condiments that are available.

After a short 10 minute wait, our number was called at the pick up station.

The Mo got an iced cold bud light to wash down his fried seafood. Beer wasn't cheap either, I think it was almost 6 bucks for a bottle.  I stuck with diet coke.  We split a "Pick Two Combo" of fried scallops and clams, a lobster roll an a corn on the cob.

"Pick Two" Fried scallops and Clams $ 26.95
 The lobster roll was good but I didn't care much for the sides.  The potato salad tasted old and the slice of watermelon wasn't sweet.

Lobster Roll $19.95

There was so much food we couldn't finish it all and had to pack the fried seafood home.  There's enough seafood left to make 2-3 scallops/clam rolls for lunch tomorrow.

We walked around the amusement area for a bit.  There are lots of pass time activities that include mini golf, bumper boats, driving range, pony rides, arcade and the batting cages.  The lines were too long to participate in anything.  If we played mini golf, we would have waited for 2-3 groups to complete the round before it was our turn. Also, they were charging $12.50 per a person for a round for mini golf (compared to the $6.00 I paid at Jay Gee's in Methuen).  

The bumper boats were fun to watch.  People were more interested in taking selfies and videos than actually enjoyed the attraction. I know, sounds all too familiar.

We made our way pack to the entrance and browsed the Country Store.  There's a small bakery inside the store that sells coffee, fudge and baked items.  I was secretly hoping they has some cider donuts for sale but I guess I'll have to save that for my next Parlee's farm visit.  The store sells a wide variety of souvenirs and cute kitchen accessories as well as specialty food items.

Next door to the country store was the famous ice cream stand.  I really wanted to indulge but I just couldn't do it, we were stuffed!

The kiddie cones were only $4.15 and still looked massive.  In addition to ice cream, there's also a special window for frozen yogurt.  The popular choice of the night seemed to be colossal sundaes and banana splits.  I wonder if people actually eat the whole thing or order it for the "wow" factor  and just to post on Facebook.

Kimball Farm's Banana Split Sundae
image via Yankee Magazine
It was a beautiful night for an alfresco seafood dinner.  I'd definitely come pack and secretly pack my own nips or single serving bottle of wine. Next time, I'd only order 1 entree for the both of us so we can have room for dessert.

400 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886

There was so much food that we had leftovers for dinner the next day! I made scallop an clam belly rolls with the leftover fried seafood.