Monday, August 17, 2015

Amore Mondays at Carrabba's Italian Grill in Tynbsboro

The Mo and I have never dined at a Carrabba's restaurant before.  We were in the area after stocking up on some goods at Costco down the street and wanted to grab dinner before heading home.  He found a credit card offer for $10.00 off $25.00 or more so we headed to Carrabbas's Italian Grill in Tynbsboro.

The restaurant was pretty busy for a Monday night.  Our server greeted us and gave us our menus and to our surprise, there was an "Amore Monday" special with prix fixe selections that include a full size appetizer, soup or salad, entree or dessert (in lieu of the app) starting at only $12.99. What a steal! Not only do we get 3 courses, we also have the coupon! (Not to mention the free bread basket!)

At first I thought the appetizers would be on the smaller side, but once the calamari and caprese were brought to our table, I realized I was wrong.  The calamari was OK but the caprese salad was amazing.  I love the contrasting course black pepper and salt with the sweet balsamic glaze.

Carrabba's calamari 

Carraba's Tomato Caprese
For our middle course, the Mo stuck with a Caesar salad and I opted for the chicken soup, which was VERY delicious.  It was so good that I forgot to take a picture before I almost finished it.

Although we were tempted by the $12.99 prices, we both opted for the premium entree selection at $18.99 each.  The Mo went with the sirloin marsala which was wood grilled and topped with mushrooms and Lombardo marsala wine sauce.  I went with the Sea scallop Spiedino which was coated with breadcrumbs and get this, GRILLED NOT FRIED on a wood grill.  The seadfood would be brushed with a lemon butter sauce.  Although the pictures aren't "pretty" they were damn tasty!

Scallop Spiedino $ 18.99 as part of Amore Mondays special

Sirloin Marsala $ 18.99 as part of Amore Mondays special
I was surprised that the food was actually good. For some reason, I went in with little expectations.  I don't know if we would be regulars here but we will probably visit again on a Monday.

386 Middlesex Toad
Tyngsboro, MA 01879