Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seafood Dinner at Sun Seafood in Patong

Sabai Dee! 

After settling into our new digs, we ventured out to find some dinner.  It was late, the clock almost struck midnight so we weren't sure what the options would look like.  We walked towards the seafood court where you can choose your own seafood and they can prepare it to your liking.

After exploring our option, we found a restaurant that had a good mix of tourists and locals.

It was late and I didn't feel like negotiating so we ordered off the menu at Sun's Seafood.  The menu featured many Thai rice and noodle dishes along with other seafood options.

Prices were a little bit higher than local Thai cuisine but still a fraction of the costs of what we would pay in the states.

The food was prepped in an open aired kitchen area that was sectioned off.  Tourists may be weary of the idea but the Mo and I are used to it.

The Mo and I shared crispy pork and morning glory stir fry, crab fried rice, stuffed squid with minced pork and Thai papaya salad with seafood.  We also got a small steamed white rice. The food was prepared very quickly and everything was fantastic!

Our meal came to $ 20.00 USD for:
  • Thai Papaya salad with seafood
  • Crab fried rice
  • Pork and Morning Glory Stir Fry
  • Stuffed calamari with minced pork
  • White Rice
  • Bottle of Water
  • Large Bottle Of Thai Beer
  • Complimentary Watermelon

Although the food and service was great, the Mo and I made a challenge to not eat at the same restaurant twice nor order the same dish twice.  

We shall see!