Saturday, April 19, 2014

Budget Dining on Chaweng Beach

Despite having a couple "splurge" meals on the beach or even a free meal at Ark Bar, the Mo and I like to stay true to our ways and eat budget friendly food.  Here are some of our favorite places during our trip to Chaweng (Koh Samui)

Everyone loves banana pancakes.  These heavenly sweet bites can be found on almost every corner in Chaweng.  Depending on what filling you get, they can range from 40-60 THB.  We got egg, condensed milk, banana and chocolate for 50 THB.

To wash down the banana pancakes, there are drink vendors on the street.  They have iced tea, iced coffees and other sweet drinks.  We got two iced coffees for 25 THB each.   The drinks are much sweeter and stronger than what you would get at your local Dunkin Donuts.

We frequented a local mom and pop's restaurant called Nong Ploy near our hotel before the 7-Eleven.  The restaurant has a large menu and most importantly everything is cheap! They had rice and stir fry dishes starting at 40 THB ($ 1.25 USD) as well as noodles dishes as similar prices.  Needless to say, we were regulars during our stay.

For dinner the first night, we split the fried pork for an app and lat na noodles and salt and pepper beef stir fry for entrees.

For breakfast the next morning, we each had a bowl of noodles for $ 1.25 each.  The Mo had a regular pho rice noodle dish and I had a minced pork bean thread soup.

One time, we went out for drinks at the Walking Market and we had to order "Take Away" because it was too late.  We got Pad Thai and noodle soup to go. Both meals costs us 80 THB total ($ 2.50 USD)

We went there for breakfast right before we left for the airport for our flight to Bangkok.  They are the only place nearby open at 10 AM.  Most places open at 11 AM.  The wonton soup with yellow noodles was very good.  Both dishes were 60THB (about $1.85 USD)

When we weren't eating at Nong Ploy, we ventured out a little.  We were recommended a restaurant called "Will Wait" across the street from Central Festival.  The Mo got a Thai Set which came with a rice plate, mango and sticky rice dessert and a drink.
I went with the "Chinese Noodles" which was Phad see You.

Across the way from our beloved Nong Ploy restaurant, was Mr. Crab Restaurant.  We loved the restaurant but they opened later and closed earlier so we only got to dine there once.  The seafood is incredible inexpensive.

We shared the fried ham and cheese eggroll and Thai Golden purses.  It was a great idea, I will definitely make these at home.  They look so easy!

The garlic and pepper soft shell crab was generous and delicious.  Price was a tad bit higher than what we were accustomed to paying for lunch but it was worth it. The dish was 280 THB ($ 8.60 USD)

The Phad Phet Squid with basil rice dish was 60 THB ($ 1.80 USD) and it was also good.