Monday, April 7, 2014

Prices of beer, groceries, food, manicures, transportation and more in Patong Beach

Here's a simple run down on prices we paid for goods and services in Patong Beach.
It's an abridged version.

Food And Drinks
Click here to see a separate post about Patong Street Food.
Most of these prices are based on ones we seen at 7-11.  The big grocery store, The Big C offers lower prices.  It's a bit of an inconvenience to walk into Juncelyon Mall and leave with bags without having a cart.

Peanuts (local brand) 9-15 THB
Dried Squid: 15-25 THB

Buy fruit from the street, its cheaper and fresher than grocery store

Cheese, cold cuts, bacon, etc
Same price as states. prices range greatly.
Typical sliced american light cheese 197 THB

Loaf of sliced bread: 30-40 THB

Liter pepsi at grocery store : 34 THB

Convenience Store:
There's a 7 Eleven or a Family mart every corner in Patong Beach.

Water: 6 THB small bottle or 17 THB for a large one from 7-11

42 THB for imports like Heineken at 7-Eleven and 35-38 THB for local beer

Baguette at restaurant: (tuna, ham, etc) 120 + THB
American Breakfast (Eggs, toast, meat) 120+ THB
Spagetti Bolognese 120 THB +
Gyro Sandwich 100 THB
Street noodle soup: 40 THB

Street Stir Fry with white rice: 60 THB

Pad Thai 100-200 THB

Coffee from 7-11: 18 THB

Coffee Shop:
iced coffee 110 THB
double shot espresso  140 THB

Fast Food
One can find all the favorite fast food chains in Patong such as: KFC, Subway, McDonald's, Burger King

Burger King Whopper (sandwich only) 159 THB

Mcdonald's Sandwich, Fries and Drink Menu 175 THB - 205 THB (Similiar to US prices starting at $5.50 USD)

Eyelash Extension
1200 THB (37.00 USD at the Juncelyon mall) or 800.00 on side streets. (I preferred paying a premium at the mall because I've heard horror stories of people getting glue in their eyes)
(Tip: Don't go snorkeling with a mask the next day, I made that mistake)

200 THB on side streets / 400 THB at Juncelyon mall

Facial: 250 THB at Juncelyon Mall

Airport Private Metered Taxi transfer to Patong 700-1000 THB
Tuk Tuk Ride within Patong 200 THB (negotiable to 150 THB)
Tuk Tuk Other locations:
Patong to Phuket Town 500 THB
Patong to Kata Beach 400-450 THB

Motorbike Rental : 150-200 THB per day

Beach bed all day rental : 100 THB