Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bangla Road

Oh Bangla Road... I left you feeling dirty

Bangla Road in Phuket is where people go to drink, people watch and for some men, fulfill their fantasies.  The renowned street in Patong Beach is lined with girl bars and night clubs, it's pretty much Phuket's "Red Light District."

 The street is crowded with both locals and tourists who come to watch the scene.  There's never a dull moment on Bangla Road.

The street is filled with vendors, magicians, lady boys and club promoters.

To get people into the bars, free shooters are offered to entice you in.

There's tons of girl bars on the street. Rumors have it that some of them will go home with you for a night if the price is right.

Most men kiss and fondle the local girls but if you are a true gentleman, you can play connect four with them instead.

If you prefer Russian girls, there's a handful of venues to fulfill your pleasure.  I have to admit, the street promoters for these Russian bars are drop dead gorgeous. Like Giselle status. Not so much the ones in the peep shows, so I'm guessing they might not be that nice once you get inside.

If you are feeling adventurous, there's lots of lady boys as well.  Some of them are obvious but some of them are knock outs and you can't even tell!

If girl bars aren't your thing, there are many other bars that features cover bands, karaoke and DJ's.

One of the biggest attractions here is the "Lady Show" where girls are rumored to do things with their vagina like play ping pong, open up beer bottles and peel bananas.  We didn't take part.  I've heard they are rip off's and the girls are old and gross.

If you're in Patong, you definitely have to check out Bangla Road. You can be as prude as you want or as raunchy as you'd like. When in Thailand... Cheers!