Monday, April 28, 2014

A Great Gatsby Tea Party

I had the pleasure of being invited to Angel's "Great Gatsby" Tea Party this past weekend.  The bridal shower was held on the 2nd floor of the Old Court  Irish pub in downtown Lowell.  My initial reaction was, An elegant bridal shower at an Irish bar? Really?

Once I stepped foot into the room, my doubts immediately vanished.  Along with Angel's future MOL, aunts, cousins, and friends, the matron and maid of honor transformed the watering hole into an elegant affair. Mera had a vision and she executed it really well.  The dessert station was beautifully set up with candelabras, cake stands, pearls and jewelry cases resting on peach organza table overlays.

The guests were comprised of family, friends from work, friends from college, friends from high school, friends of friends that became friends (does that make sense?) The ladies dressed for the occasion and had on lace, head bands, and layered necklaces to go with the Gatsby theme.  It was smart of the matron of honor to send out a fashion reminder prior to the shower.

For lunch, guests dined on delicious pasta salad and a variety of tea sandwiches made by the Leary side.

In addition, there were Cambodian food catered food from Heng Lay along with steak tips and mashed potatoes from the Old Court.

If you were on a diet, this bridal shower would be torturous.  There were homemade scones made by Judy, chocolate chip "muffin" bites by Bryan's aunt, homemade chocolate dipped biscotti shape-like tea bags, chocolate cream cheese squares and a variety of classic cupcakes.  All the sweets were lovely.

No tea party would be complete without tea! There was a tea station with a hot water dispenser and a variety of tea bags, lemon, sugar to accompany all the sweet nibbles.

The guest tables were adorned with floral arrangements created by Mera herself using white teapots provided by Loc, the maid of honor. ( I have no idea how Mera has time to do everything!)  A variety of Timothy's tea packages were placed on the tables as favors for guests to take home and savor. What a cute idea!

The couple received many wonderful additions for their kitchen. I told them that I'd be over for dinner!

The cake from H-Mart was so beautiful that no one wanted to cut it.  Eventually, towards the end, the couple did do a "practice" run of cake cutting and fed each other cake. It was so cute!

Great job to Mera, Loc, Judy Leary and the rest of the "minions" that helped. Amazing team effort!

Can't wait for the big day!