Sunday, September 11, 2011

So very sore- Day 10

Chicken Lemongrass Soup
Today I woke up with muscle fatigue and soreness from climbing all those steep stairs yesterday.    We didn't have any solid plans today so we woke up and walked around town looking for a mom and pop's joint for breakfast.  We walked up the hill and found a small restaurant that was popular with the locals on the main road.  Most of the locals were getting their food packed to go for work.

Fried Chili baby clam with white rice
We both got fried baby clams (I know...not exactly breakfast food) and a side of chicken soup.  The lemon grass chicken soup tasted just like my sister's soup, all that was missing was some chopped up Thai basil and mushrooms.  We enjoyed our meal and the total came to about $4.00.

We decided to walk over to the local natural attraction of rock formations, "Hin Ta and Hin Yai".  The popular rocks formations resemble the male and female sex organs.  We took a longer route (by accident) where we had to walk on the beach and climb a really steep hill using a rope for balance.  In the meantime, it started to rain and I was wearing flip flops.  I was also wearing a WHITE tank top, being underdressed for the hike and the rain was definitely an understatement.

The Mo sitting on a beachside swing
We finally got to the site and took only a few pictures since we didn't bring our waterproof camera.  We saw other tourists walking to and from a small road back to town.  We thought, that is a much easier route than what we just climbed, so we returned back using that small street.
Grandfather rock

For lunch, we kept it simple and went to 7-11 on the way back to the hotel.  A nice cold beer was much needed and we got noodles to go.  Instant noodles at 7-11 are extremely popular with both the locals and tourists.  Since public drinking is accepted, one can grab a bowl of noodles, steam buns or ham sandwich and wash it down with an ice cold beer on the go.
Large Selection of Noodles at 7-11
Each cup of noodle comes with its own seasoning packets and fork

Hot Water dispenser
Add Seasoning and Garlic/Chili Paste
Cover the lid and let it steam
Claim a seat outside of 7-11 

Add optional condiments, of course the Mo can't live without hot sauce
Voila! Lunch for under $4.00 (Beers included
We went back to our hotel and we caught up a few episodes of "Weeds" then took a four hour nap.

We wanted to try something different for dinner so we went to Royale Indian Palace for some Indian Cuisine.  We got 3 entrees, 2 breads, 2 rice, raita, 2 beers and a mango lassi for under $20.00.  What a great bargain!
Indian Restaurant Sign
Fresh Mano Lassi

Indian Feast for 2