Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snorkeling in Koh Tao-Day 14

Today we went on our snorkeling tour that we had postponed from a few days ago.  We got on the same speedboat with hundreds of other backpackers heading over to Koh Tao.  Koh Tao is known to be one of the best dive locations in Thailand and less expensive to get certified for scuba diving.

The boat was definitely overbooked.  We were lucky we had a separate line for snorkeling so we were among the first to get on the boat and grab seats.  People were sleeping between the aisles and standing.  Standing on a boat for an hour and a half journey must suck.
The snorkeling group was transferred to a smaller boat and we headed over to Mango Bay in Koh Tao.  The water was super clear and there were lots of fishes. It was probably the best snorkeling trip ever.  I've never had so many fishes around me.  They weren't scared at all.  Also, we found out thar feeding bread to the fishes was a cruel thing to do.  They cannot digest the bread and it kills them.

After and hour and a half of snorkeling, we went to the beautiful private island of Koh Nangyuan.  This place was pristine.  They don't even allow any plastic bottles on the island.  This was the best beach we visited on our trip.

The snorkeling package came with a lunch buffet.  It was just ok.  I liked the lunch served on our other snorkeling trip better

We laid out on the beach and read.  After a couple of hours, it was time to head back to Koh Phangan.

We went back to our room, showered and pack our things.  It was much easier to pack since most of our clothes were dirty so we didn't need to sort them out by clean or dirty.  When we get home, I will have lots of laundry to do!

We went to the same beach bar at our resort that we have been going to the oat few nights.  I got my usual two carafes of wine.  We drank and hung out with the same people and a few newcomers.  We ordered food and ate then slept.