Monday, September 5, 2011

Krabi- Day 4 Beautiful secluded Phra Nang Bay and Railay Beach

When we went to sleep last night it was raining. When we woke up this morning, it was pouring. I had every intention of staying in our room, catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad, Weeds, or just watching DVD's and writing post cards all day long.

We slept in today (and when I say sleep in, I mean until 8:30 am) . We went out to 7-11 to get a quick "on the go" breakfast to bring back to our room. On our way back, I was pleasantly surprised to see the torrential rains transform into a sunny blue sky.
Breakfast from 7-11

BBQ Pork Bao, just like Chinatown
We decided to rent a long tail boat to go to an island off the main coast called Railey Bay, reached only by boats. The easy 15 minute boat ride was breath taking. We met a really nice couple from Spain and some other European tourists that were all headed in the same direction.
Mami Eggroll on the long tail boat

For the first half of the day, we spent our time soaking the rays on Phra Nang beach, a pristine and secluded beach surrounded with limestone cave formations.
Representing our Local Sports Teams

Walking through the limestone caves

The Muscle Mo

Eggroll Couple on the beach
Remote Beach to ourselves, that's the Mo in the pic

Penis Sculptures

Penis Sculptures close up

Cute Monkeys, be careful.. they go through your things!
We went to a Thai/Chinese restaurant called "Yam Yam" for lunch where I had the best phad Thai since we've been in Thailand. The calamari was just ok, I do not like panko crusted calamari. I think panko is only good on temoura shrimp and specific white fishes.
Not So great Calamari

Best phad thai that I've had in far
Bland Lhat Nha

After lunch, we headed towards Railey East where there was a bit more of a crowd and resorts lined along the beach. I spent the time reading "Bossy Pants" by Tina Fey. I haven't finished it yet, but it's really funny and it's an easy to follow book. We sunbathed some more until it was time to catch our ride back to the mainland.
Railay Beach East

Longtail Boats waiting for passengers on beach

Ride back to the mainland
We took a shower and got dressed to go out for drinks around town. Since there are so many bars and restaurants that compete against each other, most offer Happy hour specials, "buy one get one free.". The Mo and I settled for a nice restaurant on the main street with individual bamboo huts lit with string lights. We were the first ones there and the last ones to leave. 4 long islands and 4 Vodka red bull (the original Thai version) came out to $ 15.25' That's less than $2.00 a drink for 8 drinks and we were definitely tipsy. Notice how we skimp out on our meal budgets and splurge on our booze budget.

couldn't take my eyes off the booze, even for the camera

We walked across the street to the food stalls to find something to eat. The Mo got "Trick Noodles" which is similar to lo mein but with an oyster/soy sauce base and I got a traditional Thai dish of "Phad Prik Grao Pao", chicken and basil stir fry with white rice.

Minced chicken and Basil

Mo's "Trick Noodles" with Chicken

On our way back, we stopped to get a strawberry banana pancake. I wished I could eat these everyday without feeling and guilt, but with amount of butter they use, its best that I only get one every other day.
Made to order Pancake

Strawberry Jam and banana pancake