Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Arrived in Bangkok- Day 1

We had a very late arrival so this entry will be kept short. Pretty much, by the time we arrived, went through customs, and drove to our hotel, it was just before midnight. We checked in, took a nice long awaited shower, and got dressed to explore KhaoSan Road.

The place was one of a kind, the street was lined up with street hawkers selling everything from clothes, drug paraphernalia, and toys to food vendors that would cook you up a plate of phad thai or chicken sate on the spot. After walking around and doing some people walking, we decided to try out some of the food stalls.

Made to order Fried Noodles

Our Phad Thai , about 1.50


Banana Pancake

Our Chocolate Egg Banana Pancake

Expense Report
Food: $4.00
Drinks: $ 3.75
Transfers: $21.20 (This is pretty much the cost of the Aiport Transfer with tolls and surcharges)
Total Day 1: $28.95