Friday, September 2, 2011

Asiana Air in flight meals and entertainment

Kim's Travel Comfort Kit
  • Brookstone's Nap Luxe U Neck Pilllow and Socks (clearance section only, I refuse to pay original price)
  • Any Eye Mask
  • Light Weight Cardigan
  • Pantiliners for LONG flights ( I know.. TMI)
  • Wash Cloths

Drinks List

Asiana Airlines was a great flight considering it was 19 hrs from JFK to BKK. They offered unlimited alcoholic beverages ranging from beer and wine to vodka and cognac, the Mo and I definitley indulged. The food was great and they kept the snacks and drinks coming. I thought they added a nice touch by providing each passagenger with personal slippers and providing toothbrushes and mouthwashes in the bathroom.
The AVOD screen was small but it helped time go by. On the flight I watched, "The Source Code", "Thor", more "Harry Potter", and "Beyonce's World Tour", but there were tons of other movies and music options.

Bimbim Bap

Fish And Rice

Ham and Cheese Baquette
(They called this a snack, but it was more like a meal)