Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Krabi-Day 5 in Ao Nang, Great Food!

Another beautiful day in Ao Nang.  Today is a bit hotter than yesterday.

We did our usual thing for breakfast, BBQ pork buns from 7-11 with some Thai tea and coffee.

We didn't want to spent the $12.00 for the transfer to the islands today so we just hung out at Ao Nang beach right in front our hotel.  The beach is very nice compared to the ones I've been accustomed to in New England but it wasn't as nice as Railay Beach or Phranang.

I had some minor sunburns on my back from yesterday's beach trip so today we picked a spot in the shade. For a few hours, we were the only ones on the beach.  I was starting to think people were going to think we were weird for laying out on Ao Nang beach.  Luckily for us, western couples started trickling in and laying down their beach mats near us.

Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang Beach
 It got way too hot and I took occasional dips in the water.  Now, this might be my only slightest complaint, but the water was like bath water.  I'm used to running into 65-70 degrees water at Hampton Beach to cool down but today I was cooling down in 87 degrees water which was not as refreshing as I imagined it would be.  On a positive note, I haven't had a cold utaria hives breakout since I've been here. 
Eggroll Couple walking around town
 For lunch we found another Thai fast food street vendor.  For appetizers, we shared fried tempura shrimps and an assortment of seafood skewers glazed with a sweet chili sauce.  For entrees, I had a mixed seafood and chicken "Phad See You" (fried wide rice noodles without the gravy).  The Mo had garlic chicken and pepper with white rice.  We were both happy with our meals.
Both entrees and all four appetizers cost $6.25.

thailand street food
Assortment of Seafood Skewers

thailand street food
Kim's Phad See You Special with real crab meat, no imitation here

thailand street food
Mo's garlic and pepper chicken

thailand street food
Mo eating our appetizers in the little seating area on the street
We went back to the room and wrote postcards and watched some DVD's.  The heat and humidity just made it unbearable to walk around town.  After a few hours, it was dinner time again.

We went to the same street food vendor as we did last night.  Not only is his cooking delicious but I also had him buy me a specific type of fish sauce that I wanted to bring back home to my mom.

The Mo and I shared beef fried rice, chicken massaman curry, and chicken phad thai.  Everything was delicious but it was a bit too hot outside to eat the warm curry.  Our chef was disappointed that we didn't finish our curry and thought we didn't like it.  We assured him it was good and that it was just too hot to eat curry that night (plus, we ran out of rice and didn't want to be fatties asking for more rice).
thailand street food
Beef Fried rice in a star shape mold

thailand street food
Chicken Phad Thai

The Mo sitting at a fancy MdDonalds with pretty lights and outdoor patio furniture
We went back to our room to pack our things for tomorrow's 6 hr trip to Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.