Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bringing Brown's to Lowell

Our friend Mark introduced us to Brown's a few years ago.  We spent the whole day at Hampton Beach and we finished it with a casual seafood dinner at Brown's Lobster Pound in Seabrook, NH.  The place was packed and the wait for a table was about 30-45 minutes.  They offer fresh live lobsters that you can choose the size and have prepared anyway you want.  Their steams and fried seafood is also extremely popular.  

I did like the fact that it was B.Y.O.B so we went to the nearby convenience store and grabbed a six pack for the two of us.  Since that year, it has become a tradition for us to go there at least once a year, usually after a long day at the beach. 
Brown's Lobster Pound  Seabrook, NH
With having such a chaotic schedule this summer, we never got a chance to go to Brown's this year.  To get my seafood fix, I decided to attempt at making my own fried seafood platter.  I picked up a pound of scallops and large shrimps from Market Basket.  I dipped the seafood into Milk then lightly coated it with McCormick's Seafood Fry Mix and set it aside for 5 minutes while my oil was heating.  After the oil was heated, I fried the seafood for about 4 minutes and removed it from the frying pan.  

The recipe was really easy, I just followed the instructions on the batter box.
The Mo's Seafood Platter
Mamie Eggroll's Salad topped with Scallop and Shrimp