Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lunch Buffet at Seoul Kitchen

On our last visit to Seoul Kitchen in Westford, I saw a sign for the lunch buffet offered on weekdays. The website advertised the buffet to include a "drink, soup, sushi, Korean BBQ, a variety of Asian dishes, desserts and more!" for only $14.99.

I was bummed because Westford is no where near where I work and I would never be able to try it! Columbus Day came around and we had the day off work and were furniture shopping off 495 and thought to stop by for lunch.  After-all, it was Monday so the buffet would be hope! *Crossing our fingers*

We arrived right before 2:00 PM, the last sitting for the lunch buffet.  The variety looked plenty but the food quantity was lacking a bit. The employee quickly said to me "We are adding more food soon" once she saw me snapping pics of the buffet tables.

I loved that the price included a drink and not tack on an extra $2.50.  We had the option for miso soup or hot and sour, I went with the later.  The Mo and I headed toward the sushi station and loaded up on our starter plate.  There were about 4 maki rolls varieties with fish and without.  I loved the condiment station "cold salad bar" with beansprouts, kimchi, endamame.

Once we returned to our table, our soup was brought out. It was too tangy for my liking and I didnt eat much of it.

Appetizers included crab rangoon, Korean dumplings, Southeast Asian Wings, vegetable tempura and beef croquettes.

For entree options, there were:
  • Japchae clear glass noodles (my favorite)
  • beef bulgogi
  • spicy Pork bulgoi 
  • spicy calamari 
  • Fried rice
  • braised pork belly
  • chicken terriyaki 
  • Kang's chicken (like general gau chicken)
  • Yummy tofu
  • green beans and mushroom stir fry
Pretty much they served almost their entire dinner menu at a fraction of the cost. Once can sample Korean food and get the best bang for their buck!

The dessert offerings looked pretty pathetic. It was scoops of cake in sauce containers and watermelon that didn't look sweet. We skipped on that.

I'd definitely recommend trying out the lunch buffet! I'd go earlier next time so the food is more fresh. Even if there are picky eaters, they can still enjoy the more familiar staples like fried rice, chicken teriyaki and crab rangoons!

It's only $14.399 per person and includes drink, soup, and lots of food!