Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Breakfast and Birthday on Etihad Business Class

I ain't gonna lie, I am getting used to the star/celebrity treatment on business class. Unless we are using miles to upgrade, I refuse to pay for it. It's still TOO much money.  Being a Business/First Class passenger is like being the prettiest girl in the room. The cabin crew is eager to please to the point where it may be cumbersome.

For the leg of our flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai, we arrived to the gate 20 minutes before take off and boarded the plane.  The plane was on the smaller side and was an A321 so there was no first class and just a mediocre business class.  The seats aren't that nice.  I was a bit more alive than our JFK flight despite it being 2:30 in the Morning local time.

Our flight attendant brought over some juices and champagne. We opted for the later (even though we just drank for like 6 hours straight at the lounges). We also got hot towels to wash our face and exchanged small talk.

Once we were up in the air, our flight attendant came around to see if we wanted to eat. You can pretty much eat whenever you want.  For breakfast, the starters were fresh fruit and cold cuts. Real plates, cutlery and napkins were provided.

Once we were done, our entrees came out. The Mo went with the traditional Emiratees breakfast and I went vegetarian. ( I have no idea why)

For drink options on business class, there are espressos, cappuccinos and smoothies that are made to order.

or you can just be like the Mo and drink more whisky.

The flight attendant surprised the Mo with cake, ice cream, chocolate and a sweet card for his birthday!

Once we landed and (FINALLY) made it though customs and immigration, our complimentary chauffeur was waiting for us to take us into the city.

Too bad we don't have enough miles to upgrade for our return trip. We'll be riding economy like the rest of the plane!