Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Foundry in Davis Square

The Foundry French Picnic Plate $21.00
It was a Sunday afternoon and the Pat's weren't playing so when Jill texted us to join in on some day-drinking at a bar in Davis Square, I was quick to agree.  I think I was super happy when I was able to score an on-street parking right in the smack of Davis Square.  Sure, there was some parallel parking involved and a tiny bit of anxiety but I was literally a stone throw's away from the bar.

We were seated in  high top booth in the corner of the front windows where we could people watch. We watch a band come marching down in their polka dot gear playing a variety of instruments.  ( I looked it up later and it was the "School of Honk" where they parade the streets of Davis Square every Sunday between 3-5 PM, playing "loud lively music for fun and inspiration."

School of Honk Sunday at Davis Square
Image via School of Honk FB 
A few of the girls were already imbibing on white wine spritzers garnished with cute lemon peel spirals.  The Mo went with an Oban scotch and I wanted to be fancy with the copper cup so I ordered the "House Mule"

Sunday Drinks at The Foundry in Davis Square
Spritzers, House Mule, White wine, Oban Whisky
Assorted prices
After the house mule, I moved on to the "On Fleek" which had St. Germain elder flower liqueur, grape fruit juice, mint, tequila and lime.  It was a bit too overwhelming for me but I drank it anyway. I surprised myself by not sending it back.

"On Fleek" cocktail at The Foundry
After a couple of round of drinks, people were getting hungry.  We ordered a few of shareable appetizers.  Everything was really good!  Service was a bit choppy because they were switching shifts from brunch/lunch to dinner and the food and drinks came out staggered.  One of the guys had to get his own drink from the bar because the server didn't come around to check on us for quite some time.

The Foundry French Picnic Plate $21.00
Oysters 6 for $15.00
Dry Rubbed Wings $11.00
Poutine $9.00
Overall, I think the food and drink prices at the Foundry are pretty reasonable for the Boston area. The vibe is cool and trendy and I'd recommend it for a friends get together or a casual date night.  For a more romantic and chill atmosphere, head down to the Saloon (Speak easy type of place) which is owned by the same company.

    255 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144