Friday, October 30, 2015

Beachfront lunch at Zeebop Utorda Beach

We had a relaxing beachfront lunch at Zeebop by the Sea on Utorda Beach in southern Goa.  We almost attempted to walk the 35 min duration along the beach but I am glad we opted for an Air conditioned taxi.  It was 2 PM and the sun was blazing hot.

Since the restaurant is right on the beach, the taxi had to drop us off at the end of the road where we walked down a small walkway.

In no time, we arrived at the open aired restaurant with a premier spot on Utorda beach overlooking the ocean.

The restaurant had a fun vibe.  There were lanterns streamed along the property. I bet it's beautiful at night when they are all lit up.

We were seated in plastic chairs in the sand which made it a bit difficult to relax. I kept thinking I was going to break the chair. There was a large group of local businessmen next to us so that shows the restaurant must be well respected.

The view in front of the restaurant was also beautiful.  The beach was remote and empty.

Daytime drinking is best when done on the beach so I started the meal with a nice refreshing mojito.

The manager was trying real hard to push the weighted market price fresh seafood. We just wanted a simple and quick lunch and he wasn't to thrilled with our response.

We didn't want to go nuts for lunch so we shared chili beef, prawn curry rice and stuffed crab.  The food was OK, nothing spectacular.   It's OK though, the view made up for it. Our total was about $15.00 USD.

Chili Beef

Prawn curry rice

Stuffed crab

Prawn Recheado Masala

Verdict: I liked this restaurant for its beachfront location and drinks.  The food wasn't amazing but it was OK.  There is a separate area that hosts functions and celebratory events.

Utorda Beach | Utorda SalceteUtorda 403707India