Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fish 'Ka Bar and Restaurant in Betalbatim Goa

Spicy Goan Crab
We went to Fish 'ka for dinner because we didn't want to pay hotel prices for a meal and the restaurant was literally a stone's throw away form our resort.  We arrived around 6 PM and thought we made a big mistake because we were the only ones at the restaurant.  We got a few round of drinks and ordered some Indo Chinese apps.

Service was speedy and extremely friendly.  We exchanged conversation and they shared local facts and things to do in the area,

The Szechuan french fries were disappointing.  It needed more batter and there was too much sauce, making it soggy.

Fish 'ka Szechuan Fries 110 INR= $1.70 USD
The Goan Creamy chicken lollipops were delicious. It was "KFC" fried wings smothered in a creamy sauce. They were so addictive, I could have kept eating it.

Creamy Chicken lollipop 170 INR = $2.50 USD

I also love Gobi manchuran, deep fried cauliflower in an Indo Chinese sauce.

Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower)  170 INR = $2.50 USD

To go with the Gobi Manchurian, we got the chicken Manchurian sizzler which is served with noodles. I was disappointed that the chicken wasn't battered and it was more like a stir fry.

Chicken Manchurian Sizzler 290 INR = $4.40 USD
The highlight of our meal with the rock crab. It was full of lump crab meat and was perfect.

Rock crab
Our bill was so cheap. It was less than $40.00 USD to 2 entrees and starters and 2 round of drinks each.

OPP ALILA DIWA, Ahead of Martins Corner | Opp Hotel Alila Diwa, Near Martins Corner,
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