Friday, October 30, 2015

Delicious fresh seafood at Martin's Corner in Goa

Martin's Corner Goan seafood Cuisine
During out stay in southern Goa, we were conveniently located near Martin's Corner, an award winning local legend that serves some of the best Goan cuisine and seafood in the area.  Our hotel Alila Diwa Goa was a short 12 minute walk away.  Although it was quick, it was a bit scary as there is limited street lights and stray dogs and cows. Bring a head lamp!

Once we arrived, we were happy to see that the restaurant was full of life.  The parking lot across the street was full and the restaurant was almost at capacity by 7 PM.

Although we made reservations, we ended up with a horrible tight station by the server station.  We ordered drinks and watched the crowd.  There were lots of locals and a few tables of tourists.  There was a DJ setting up his karaoke station where diners can choose from a large selection of songs and get up in front of the restaurant and sing.  I actually did! 

Martin Special Cocktail
Palm Feni, pineapple juice, OJ and peach schnapps
180 INR= $2.75 USD
I got a bottle of Sula merlot, locally produced in the Nashik and Dindori estate vineyards in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Sula Merlot Indian red wine
1000 INR = $ 15 USD
Being on the coast of India, Goan cuisine is seafood based with lots of spices and flavor.  The cuisine is influenced by Hindu origins as as well as Portuguese heritage since it was once colonized by the Portuguese empire.  Another thing to note is that the Goan restaurants feature many "Indo-Chinese" entrees that includes fried noodles, "Manchurian", "chili" both available in vegetarian and non.

With that being said, we ordered all seafood delicacies, there were no land creature on our table.  Our server brought us claw cutter and bibs to keep out clothes clean during the dining experience.

From the Chinese starter menu, we went with the Prawn 65, a spicy deep fried dish full of tantalizing flavors.

Martin's Corner Prawn 98
320 INR= $4.85

We splurged quite a bit with the lobster and rock crab. Servers brought out live seafood and we could examine and choose to our liking. The crab was about $36.00 and the lobster was over $50.00.

The King crab could be prepared three different ways, Masala Fried, Butter garlic and Sachin's favoite.  We went with the masala fried which is also spicy with powerful ingredients like turmeric, mustard, cayenne, garam masala and coriander.

It sure was messy to eat but soo delicious and worth the efforts,.

The lobster piri piri was also good but I thought it was too overpriced.

We were happy and stuffed at the end of our meal. It was a fun experience and I'm glad we went. Many people say it's overpriced but I loved the ambiance and seeing other locals dine out, get drunk and sing karaoke.

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