Saturday, May 23, 2015

WaterFire kickoff Memorial Day Weekend in Providence

We went to the kickoff of the season, Memorial Day weekend.  Getting there early was a big plus, we were able to find free street parking and get good seats on the stairs of the main area. The Downtown Providence area is beautiful with lots of architectural building, river canals, grassy fields and even a HUGE mall smack in the middle.

There are lots of places nearby to grab dinner or drinks before or after the event.  The lighting of the waterfire was magical.  The instrumental band was great.  There weren't too many food vendors at the art festival, just pizza, hot dogs and popcorn.

It's a great family friendly event to bring the kids and dogs or a great outing with friends.  Although public drinking is prohibited, many people were definitely partaking in drinking.  People brought snacks and coolers with wine and beer to enjoy while waiting for the lighting.  We even saw a few ladies set up a charcuterie platter, I was so jealous!

At sunset, the lighting ceremony took place.  Volunteers, wearing black descended the stairs holding torches of flames marching to the beating of the drum. The flame transferred to other volunteers in the canal where the fire pits on the river were lit one by one into a beautiful scene.

Best part, the event is FREE!