Friday, May 8, 2015

New Italian dining at Osteria Nino on 3rd Ave in Burlington

My coworkers and I went in for lunch the day after their grand opening.  We sat in a booth in the bar area.  The hostesses and managers were all friendly and welcoming.

The restaurant was open with lots of window and seating. There is even a small area for private gatherings.  The patio is perfect for al fresco drinks in the nice weather.

The lunch menu featured a good variety of affordable sandwiches not featured on the website.

Since we only had an hour, we wanted to make sure we ordered right away.  Our server/bartender came by for our drink order and we also placed our lunch order.  It took him forever to get our drinks.

A few of us opted for the hibiscus iced tea that was listed as 3.00 on the menu but when the check came, it was really 5.00 each.  For a 5.00 drink, I would have hoped for a garnish or something pretty?

Hibiscus Iced tea $5.00
I got the fresh mozzarella and prosciutto plate.  For $15.00, I wish there was more. I'm used to the portions at Pappa razzi's or Tuscan Kitchen down the road.  The plate could have been dressed and garnished a bit more.

I ordered the lamb linguine pasta with ricotta.  When my food arrived, I received a white ziti with pancetta/ or bacon dish.  I inquired about the dish and the server assured me that the chef changes the dish daily.  (Um, it's only been day 2 and that is not even the same dish I ordered)  It's like ordering chicken parm and getting meatballs instead!

After much confusion, a manger overheard us and had the kitchen make me the right dish. I personally think our server fucked up and ordered the wrong item.

Besides that, my coworkers liked their sandwiches.  A couple of them mentioned that it was light on the prosciutto and waay too much mozzarella.

Ham and Cheese
Mozzarella & Prosciutto 
Roasted Pork
Due to the instance with the pasta, management offered us 50% off the food bill, which I thought was a nice gesture. I think I will go back and give it a try.  I think all new restaurants have hiccups during opening week and I wouldn't want to miss out on great food over a one time experience.

  • 19 Third Ave
  • Burlington, MA