Thursday, May 7, 2015

Best lobster bisque in my life at The Sole Proprietor

After being stuck in HOURS of traffic on our way back from NYC, Jenn and I decided to make a pit stop for dinner.  We called our coworker, John Lap. who lives in the area for some recommendations on where to eat.  He suggested a few places within the vicinity and went met up with him and his fiance at The Sole Proprietor in Worcester.
We still had an hour to go before we would arrive at the restaurant so I used that time efficiently, which meant I yelped the restaurant for reviews and photos.

We visited on a Thursday night and the parking lot was full.  I asked the hostess if there was a private event going on and she responded that it was their typical night.  I guess they are a super busy establishment.

We started off with a round of drinks before ordering dinner. Warm crusty rolls were brought to our table.  There were too many apps that looked intriguing so I made a meal out of apps in lieu of a standard dinner.  I started off with the lobster bisque that was OUT OF THIS WORLD! It has got to be the best lobster bisque in my life! There were huge lobster chunks and the consistency was on point.

Lobster Bisque Crock $ 11.95
I'm a huge fan of fish tacos but it was only on the appetizer menu. I went ahead and ordered the fried white fish tacos with chipotle aioli.  The three fish tacos was a steal at only $9.95. It was a meal within itself.  The tacos were pretty good with large chunks of fried fish.

Sole Proprietor Fish Tacos Appetizer $ 8.99
The combination of fig, onion, walnut and balsamic vinaigrette in the goat cheese cake was amazing. It was sweet and salty.  The toasted sliced baguettes were crispy and fresh.  I thought there was more bread than cheese though.

Baked goat cheese cake $8.99
All my choices were amazing. John Lap also recommended their sushi maki rolls and said they were great. He strongly recommended the "Tiger Eye" which is battered, fried and topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce.  Sounds right up my alley.

The rest of the group stuck with traditional entrees from the dinner menu.  John raved about the Tuna Steak Barcelona which is a seared tuna steak stuffed with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Tuna Steak Barcelona $28.99
Andrea went with the tuna steak sashimi with sushi rice.  It looked great! 

Tuna Steak Sashimi
Jenn went with the grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and veggies.

Grilled Salmon dinner with mashed potato and vegetables
The meal was fantastic and if the Mo and I are ever back in the area, we'd definitely stop in.  
Great food, great service! Kudos to John Lap for the recommendation ! 

118 Highland St, Worcester, MA 01609
(508) 798-3474