Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Bubbly Engagement party for the Future Mr. & Mrs. Tan

Fifi got engaged! Party time!

The May party date was set and the beautiful invitations for the Champagne theme gala were delivered. (Sorry if you got a FB event invite in lieu of the quality printed invitation)

The space was beautifully adorned with incandescent string lights and lanterns, creating a romantic ambiance for the party.  It only took a few hours of man power, a couple of chairs and a few broken bulbs to set the mood.  Good job guys!

For cocktail hour, a beautiful display of charcuterie, fruit, cheese and crackers was on display in the center of the room.  Attendants munched on the spread as the late guests trickled in on "Asian time." The delicate prosciutto was my favorite! Kudos to Nat! 

I loved the assorted Stonewall kitchen chutney. I'm always too cheap to buy them and only freeload off the store samples.  I was excited that I was able to indulge without being in a mall environment where the store employees would glare at me.

Guests needed something to wash all that delicious cured meat and savory cheese with something to drink... champagne party is complete without a mimosa bar.  There were a couple choices of champagne along with some juices and fresh fruit for garnish.

In addition to the mimosa bar, the generous hosts shelled out for an OPEN BAR. (PARTY TIME!) At Your Service Bartending  does an amazing job! Kristine and her husband arrives early, sets up and has a great time with the guests.  I feel like they'd be fun to party with!

The engaged couple is very family oriented and it was nice that they allowed the children in their family to attend.  Kids makes pictures so much more fun!

There was a beautiful guestbook that Sophea's aunt, Amy made for the couple. It was sooo cute. Guests could sign their best wishes for the soon to be couple on little circles or "bubbles" that would be glued and framed for display.  What a genius idea!

A photo booth with props and a nice bubbly back drop was set up to take some fun pictures.

For dinner. we had a FEAST! Some of the food was homemade and some was catered, everything was delicious!! There were traditional Cambodian staples along with some western dishes.

Yup. there was more than enough and everyone packed a doggie bag to go (including me!)  The guys took the food over to the Dutton street apartment for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight.  (that's another story for another blog.. I still think Manny should have won.. even HE thought he won)

There was an elaborate dessert bar filled with all sorts of goodies.  I was too stuffed to try them all but I did get a few bites in.  As BG said, the cupcakes with the chocolate filling was 'The BOMB", it really does surprise you.

Sophea's cousin's fruit mini trifle were delicious. I felt like I was eating healthy even though they were amazing.  There was a miscommunication and the couple had TWO cakes! The more the merrier! Both were beautiful and tasted great.

Then the bride to be used a butcher cleaver to cut the cake .. "The bride cuts the cake.. the bride cuts the cake, hi ho the dairy 'O the bride cuts the cake"

What a fun filled night celebrating Sophea and Thai's engagement!  We laughed, we drank, we ate and had a great time!

Cheers to the Future Mr. and Mrs. Thai Tan! ( Shhh. I actually know his real name and it ain't Thai Tan)

Now let me take a selfie....