Monday, May 4, 2015

Sushi & Hotpot buffet at Yong Yong Malden

To celebrate Leakhena's birthday, we headed to Yong Yong in Malden for dinner.  The restaurant is known for their made to order dim sum as well as the "all you can eat" hotpot and sushi buffet.

In addition to the parking lot, there's also plenty of street parking in front of the restaurant.  The interior was clean and spacious.  We had a table of 11 in our own little area.  The servers came by to take our drink orders: a bottle of cab and a bottle of sake served hot.

There were menus and markers on the table to check off the sushi and maki rolls we wanted. Specialty rolls were a dollar more.  We ordered a few varieties for the table.  The sushi was average.

I was too busy chatting and drinking wine that I didn't get a chance to look over the hotpot menu. Our host took the liberty and ordered for the table.

Once the servers brought all the hotpot offerings, it became overwhelming.  There wasn't enough room on the table.  The restaurant provided a generous portion of meat, seafood and veggies. I didn't feel like they skimped out at all.  There were dumplings, meatballs, clams, corn, salmon, squid, minced fish, beef, shrimp, mushrooms and more! I can't remember it all.

We had a hot pot with two sides, a red spicy version and a clear broth.  The broths was on the bland side but the dipping sauce made up for it.  We were given a paste, sauce, scallions and garlic.  Everyone combined their own sauce in a dipping bowl. It was a perfect compliment to the meat and seafood.

We had a good time drinking, eating and catching up.  It was great to see Princess Sophina again!

We were totally stuffed! I thought the meal was a good value. I do feel bad and think we wasted a ton of food.   I liked the sushi more than the hot pot. I would go back.  Service was a bit difficult.  They had trouble understanding us and kept forgetting our drinks or additional sushi order.

Price for adults is $22.95 on the weekdays and $24.95 on the weekends for all you can eat sushi and hotpot.

Happy Birthday Leakhena and thanks to our gracious host, Sabay for dinner!

  1. Address: 108 Ferry St, Malden, MA 02148