Monday, September 29, 2014

Mekong Restaurant in Lowell

A couple of our friends are huge fans of Mekong Restaurant on Broadway Street in Lowell.  We rarely make it over to that side of Lowell unless we need to cut through to get to DTL.  It was my aunt's 60th birthday weekend and we wanted to try a different place for Cambodian noodle soup.

The small restaurant is an older Cambodian restaurant and is still a mom & pop's type of joint.  There were only two employees working the dining room and it was obvious one of them was the owner.

The restaurant has not gained traction as its other competitors in the highlands that attracts a younger, high tech, "social media" savvy crowd.  There are only a few Yelp photos and those belong to an employee of the restaurant.

We went there on a Saturday morning and there was only one single diner at the establishment.

We started off with a couple of apps and ordered the Cambodian eggrolls as well as huy keung.  The eggrolls came sans garnish.

Mekong Cambodian Eggrolls with taro

Although the huy keung (fried minced pork and shrimp appetizers wrapped in tofu skin) was served with a side of picked vegetables (jrouk), the overcooked, almost burned starters weren't appealing.

Mekong Restaurant Huy Keung
We asked for Thai sweet chili sauce (which is pretty much a staple in every restaurant) and the owner brought us sweet fish sauce and Cambodian hot sauce.

Similar to many other Southeast Asian restaurants, our appetizers were brought out after most of our meal was already served.

Our group of 4 ordered the usual Cambodian staples, kuy tiev special (rice noodle soup with beef, meatballs and seafood), kuy tiev kaw koh (rice noodle soup with beef stew) and chowfoon, mee ka thung, wide rice noodles topped with a beef and seafood stir fry.

Mekong Restaurant Cambodian Noodle Soup "Special"
Mekong Restaurant Beef Stew Noodle Soup "Kaw kow"
The mee ka thung wasn't awful but it wasn't my favorite either. I felt like the sauce wasn't thick enough to stick to the veggies, meat and seafood and became watery quickly.

Mekong Mee Kathung Special 
 The Mo ordered a coffee shake with pearls and the consistency didn't seem right. It seemed like the drink was too frozen to enjoy.

It wasn't a horrible experience but we probably won't be back.

Brunch for 4 set us back around $ 45.00 for

  • Huy Keung
  • Cambodian eggrolls
  • (2) Cambodian rice noodle soup (special)
  • Beef Kaw Kow Noodle Soup
  • Mee Ka Thung Special
  • 1 Pepsi
  • 1 Iced coffee shake with pearls

  1. Mekong Restaurant
    Address: 378 Broadway St, Lowell, MA 01854

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