Sunday, September 21, 2014

Best Cambodian Yow Hon Hot Pot in Lowell

After concluding our 30 mile bike ride at Hub on Wheels in Boston, Bubba, Fifi and I wanted to replenish the 2000+ calories that we burned.  The original plan was to go to Hot Pot Buffet in Chinatown but I had a business trip that night and needed to be back in Lowell in time for my ride.

I suggest the next Best hot pot I could thing of, the Cambodian Yow Hon Hot pot at Heng Lay Restaurant in Lowell. The Mo and I have eaten almost everything on the menu, in fact, I've posted the most pictures on the Yelp website.

Most of my friends can agree that Heng Lay has the best Yow Hon broth in Lowell.  It's sweet and sour and the consistency is always rich.

I pre-ordered the Cambodian specialty meal ahead of time and advised the restaurant that we would arrive within 30 minutes.  We also got spicy calamari as an appetizer to share.

Heng Lay Spicy Calamari

We went with the large size order for only 4 of us... yes' it was a bit too much but I thought the small would be too little for ravenous diners.

The veggie platter was the first to arrive and had the usual staples; mushrooms, mustard, watercress and Chinese cabbage (Napa).  I don't remember if I saw any Chinese broccoli though.

I'm not a fan of the beef tripe so we substituted that with beef meatballs.  The meat platter came with sliced raw beef, shrimp, squid and 2 raw eggs.  The little quail eggs are also delicious.  Proceed with Caution: It gets hot and the yolks can burn your mouth!

Heng Lay Beef and seafood for Yow Hon
There was plenty of steamed rice noodles for us to share.

Heng Lay Yow Hon Hot Pot Noodles
The fried tofu bean curd is my absolute favorite! They charge extra for it but it's well worth it. I got all my friends and family eating that stuff!

Heng Lay Hot Pot Fried Tofu bean curd
The broth is served on the table top burner, almost every Cambodian household owns one or two.

Heng Lay Large Yow Hon Hot Pot
The meal was delicious and we almost finished it. I think I had 3 "Chinese chopstick" bowls of noodles, meats, veggies and broth. I was totally stuffed.  We had just enough to wrap up leftovers to take home.

The large hot pot and fried calamari along with (2) drinks totaled to about $ 85.00 - ish dollars.  Not bad at all!  It was absolutely delicious and it hit the spot! I recommend the other non spicy hot pot as well as their traditional staple dishes.

  1. Heng Lay Restaurant
    Address: 153 Liberty St, Lowell, MA 01851

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