Friday, September 5, 2014

The Emerald Rose in Billerica

Located in Billerica, Emerald Rose serves a wide variety of food for lunch, dinner, and as well as a semi "late-night" menu.   On Friday's, they offer a 1 pound prime rib special.  I've never actually had it but the display (on Friday nights)  always temps me on my drive home.

The fine Irish restaurant and pub is a short 5 minute drive down 3A from work,  Although my coworkers and like the restaurant, some of us prefer Newtown's Grille lunch specials starting at $4.99 and the delicious wings!

Since it was labor day week and the "end of summer" a few of us headed to the restaurant for one last patio lunch.  School was back in session and the restaurant wasn't busy.

I started off with a sangria.  Although the drink was very tasty, I was disappointed in the lack of garnish.  It's a sangria, where's the fruit?

Emerald Rose Sangria
We started off with a couple flat bread pizzas.  Once, they had a special for flatbread pretzel-pizzas, which were to die for! There were 4 choices, we went with the buffalo chicken and steak & cheese. Of course the server didn't hear me correctly and brought out regular buffalo chicken and a pizza. She brought it back and they pretty much chopped up the chicken and made it into a pizza.  Nonetheless, both the pizzas were great.

Emerald Rose Buffalo Chicken Flat Bread $ 11.95
Emerald Rose Steak & Cheese Flat Bread $ 11.95
One of my lunch time pals said that she had the Grilled Chicken Stir Fry during her last visit with her mom and she really enjoyed it. I have to admit, I was really skeptical.... I mean come on now, Stir fry at an Irish Restaurant?  The marinated chicken and vegetables was served on a bed of bean thread glass noodles with light sauce.  I had a bite, and I admit.. it was actually really good. I STAND CORRECTED!

Emerald Rose Grilled Chicken Stir Fry $ 15.95
A couple people ordered the Caesar salad with Grilled Chicken.  They had the option of getting it with anchovies or without. Both versions pictured below.

Emerald Rose Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $ 11.90
My other coworker went with the turkey club sandwich on toasted wheat bread and french fries.  I don't get excited over turkey sandwiches but it looked good.

I loved the Emerald Rose's horseradish cream sauce so I got my usual "Tips & Dip" appetizer and sweet potato fries for my lunch.  The steak tips are marinated in Guinness BBQ with a Onion and Pepper puree sauce.  The horseradish dip is the best part! It has a little bite but it's still creamy and wonderful.

Emerald Rose "Tips & Dip" Appetizer $ 10.95
Emerald Rose Sweet Potato Fries
It was a great lunch.  Service was a bit awkward as the server checked only one ID and not the rest of us, not to mention messing up our order.  Although prices are a bit higher than what we usually spend for lunch, we will definitely be back.  I will have try to come on a Friday night for the Prime Rib Special.

Here are pics form other visits.

  1. Address: 785 Boston Rd, Billerica, MA 01821

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