Thursday, September 18, 2014

Setha and Lee's Grand Wedding in Poughkeepsie

I have to admit, when the "Save the Date" arrived in the mail, I thought to myself, "Really Setha... a Thursday wedding????" Once we stepped foot on the grounds of The Grandview , we could see why the couple wanted to have their dream wedding there.

The waterfront venue had a picturesque panoramic view of the Hudson River and bridge.  Now I understood why the wait for a weekend wedding was more than a year.

We arrived before the ceremony and the bridal party was wrapping  up their formal portraits with the professional photographers. I was able to creep up and take a few pics from behind.

I found Setha's family hanging in the outdoor lounge area and snapped a group photo of them.  It's been so long since I saw most of them and it was really great to see them and catch up.

The outdoor ceremony overlooked the Hudson River.  For mid September, the weather was perfect; not too hot and not too cool but just right.  Most importantly it wasn't rainy or dreary.

The pergola was adorned in crystal and lavender embellishments.

The bridal party were beautiful lavender dresses, Setha's favorite color.

The flower girls wore lavender lace dresses.  They were so graceful as they dropped the rose petals.

Both mother of the bride and groom looked lovely in navy dresses.

The ring bearers were so darn cute.  I absolutely loved that the twins rocked the Chucks with their attire.

The bride was gorgeous! She had a huge smile on her face and couldn't take her eyes of her soon to be husband as she walked down the aisle.  She was full of excitement.

The couple included a symbolic unity sand ceremony. 

After the beautiful ceremony, it was time to eat and party!  The couple  had live music performers to entertain the guests.  

There was quite an elaborate spread during cocktail hour.  From what I understand, it is typical for New York and New Jersey weddings to have a large cocktail hour with many offerings.  I was so excited to try everything and I got full way too fast.

The staff was exceptional! They w were quick to replenish the food and quick to clear plates and glasses on the table, sometimes too quick.

There was an Asian station, Seafood station, slider/hot dog/fry station, Mediterranean station and not to mention the endless passed hor d'oeurves that kept coming out.  We sampled sushi, scallops wrapped in bacon, potato latkes, arancini balls, sorbet... and those are the ones I actually remembered. There were many more!

It was nice that we were able to walk around the grounds and sit in the outdoor patio and take in the scenery.

I caught a glimpse of the newlyweds.

The decorations and details in the main dining was elegant and beautiful.  I loved that the space was so airy.  I had reservations that it would be chilly at night but I was advised that the tent was also able to be converted into a closed space with heat.

Guests signed the guest book and took turn snapping photos of the awesome Dexter groom's cake.

The announcement for dinner was made and we found our seats near the bride and groom's sweet hear table.  The sun was starting to go down down and the color changing uplights in the tent were turned on.

The bride and groom's first dance was sweet and dreamy.  I love the twirl she did at the end.

Lee's dance with his mother was endearing.

After all the wedding formalities, it was time to dance.  It was such a great crowd.

For dinner, we were served a vegetarian soup, salad and our choice of made to order entree. Selections included stuffed shrimp, beef wellington, vegetable lasagna and a stuffed chicken dish.  I was still full from cocktail hour but the Mo and I split the stuffed shrimp and beef wellington.

Both dishes were exceptional.

Lee surprised his new bride with a song he had written for her.  It was so magical and romantic.

What a great night! We had to sneak out a bit early for the long 3.5 hr drive home but not before I took a selfie with the bride.

Congrats to Lee and Setha and we wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter and great heath!

Kim & Mo