Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mama's Empanadas

Who doesn't love empanadas? These delicious snack pastry with meat filling will always have a place in my heart whether we are in Costa Rica, Mexico, New York City or even Lowell!

Mama's Empandas Astoria NY

I arrived to NYC late last Friday night for Setha's bachelorette party.  By the time I got settled into her apartment, it was close to midnight.  We were too tired, hot and sticky to go bar hopping.  We walked around Queens for a bit to look for a place that was open for a bite to eat.

Setha and her fiance picked out Mama's Empanandas after I said, "Guys, I'd be happy with grabbing some empanadas from that Bodega and going back to the apartment to drink!"

The restaurant was pretty packed with locals wanting some fried goodness after watching the soccer game (or shall I say futbol) at the nearby Latin bars.   After all, this place is open 24 HOURS!

They had close to 50 varieties of empanadas ranging from rich meats and sauce and salt to sweet dessert patties.  We decided on 9 versions, yuca fried and a pollo asada dish for the groom to be.

The snacks were available in wheat pastry or a corn flour patty (Maiz).  The standard preparation was fried but one can opt for a healthier baked version for an additional 20 cents per a pastry.  Sauces were available for dipping.  My favorite was the green chile sauce that had a nice kick.

As we waited for our order, we sipped on $ 5.00 glasses of sangria.  They also had frozen sangria as well.

I loved that each empanada was served in its own bag and stamped with it's own label to distinguish the different fillings.

Prices ranged between 1.45 to 1.90 per each.  We realized after we ordered that we should have gotten one of the "Value Meals" for a lot less money.

Carne and potatoes in corn flour patty
Cheeseburger Wheat Empanadas
Mac and Cheese Empanadas
Pepperoni Pizza Empanada
I had a couple bites of rice and beans from Lee's Pechugo de polla asada dish and it was really flavorful and good.

Pechuga de Pollo Asada (Grilled Chicken Breast) $ 10.95
I didn't try the Pepperoni and we were too stuffed to eat the nutella dessert empanadas but the rest was really good! I would definitely be back if I lived in the area.  

We were so excited to eat that we didn't get a chance to finish our sangria so we took them "To Go".

  1. Mama's Empanadas
  2. Address: 85-05 Northern Blvd, New York, NY 11372
    Open today · Open 24 hours